Scrap Wood Projects

Scrap Wood Projects

In this video a lounge chair table, carpenter bee traps and more are made from left over scrap wood from a recent deck construction.

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Jean Myers says:

great job will plan to make bee traps soon i think if i put something sweet in the bottom of the plastic bottle it would work for other bees or bugs great video thank you for sharing

drug addict says:

why do you unpopular woodworkers play shit music?

Allistene Charles says:

Wow excellent job my friend l trying to make a flowers planter and a bird house

Dakota Powell says:

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Mack Sanders says:

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Buck Futter says:

Should build a trash can to toss that junk you made in.

Smaugs Wrath says:

Did you need pilot holes for your table?

Devin Padilla says:

I am in the retirement stage of my life. I perform a bit of cabinetry, produce musical instruments, and carry out woodturning in my small shop. I stumbled upon this woodworking book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it), and obtained it despite the fact that I own numerous woodworking books in the house. It`s the most comprehensive book I`ve seen. Every topic of the book is covered well.

Gord Taylor says:

good usefull projects from scrap.

patrick mcglone says:

well obviously someone had to come up with the idea of what to do with the constant scraps of wood we generate. great video and nice Job. consider me a subscriber.

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