Simple Woodworking Project – Sink Vanity

Simple Woodworking Project – Sink Vanity

Making a bathroom sink solid wood table using simple woodworking techniques and tools. With low budget builds like this low budget hacks with duct tape help to get around in the workshop. Only later I noticed the Kärcher vacuum cleaner had an adapter for different diameter pipes so I can use it in the future projects instead of duct tape. The sauna house is almost at the point where we can move fully in. Since a lot of things here are an after thought I’ve had to make things work. Nothing is perfect but everything works. There will also be a smaller washing machine next to the sink soon. I still have plumbing to do and have to connect the water heater which hasn’t arrived yet. Finally one of my longest projects will come to an end. Can’t wait! Thanks for watching! Consider subscribing if you haven’t already and make sure to comment, share & like. You can watch my other videos on my channel page:

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Harry Wever says:

wtf is this ….. magic…… no chopsaw, no plainer, no jointer.. no festool domino… and no cnc…this is fake man….. awesome job..

ジィージィ says:

Thank you so much.👍

ジィージィ says:

Good job!
from japan.


I'm still amazed by the work you've done to your work-shop and how it turned out 👍👍👍

Tony Watson says:

First thing on your wishlist should be a chop saw (mitre saw)! 😉 Good job!

lhaj BELAAID Workshop says:

Congratulations boss. Perfect work

Rolf Nilsen says:

Perhaps 3D print som covers for the bolts, so they dont scratch the tiles, and are not left in any water to rust.

Also, moisture is really a funny thing. Those holes drilled in the feet can suck it up if there is water on the floor. In maritime environments those holes would have been pre-drilled oversize, filled with thickened epoxy, and then re-drilled to size when the epoxy had set.

Cool and nice little project! I have a washing room needing a bench. I'll re-use your adjustable feet there 🙂

Johannes Fiftyeight says:

Kitchen sink faucet?

Alvar Lipp says:

Nice to see woodworking projects in your awesome new shop! One tip try to get a speedsquare it will make life alot easier. Can slide the skilsaw against it and get accurate and fast cuts. We have them in Estonia also in stores i got mine from a local hardware store. I hardly use a mitresaw now i tend to grab a skilsaw and the speedsquare. American youtubers influence haha. Keep up the good work!

James Waldenses says:

I wonder how long the vacuum in one hand drill in the other is going to last? Clean shops!!! Eww!

pahaahv says:

I'd suggest you make a holder for your sandpaper. Can be a block of wood and the sandpaper wrapped around it. It makes it so much easier to work with, you can attach the sandpaper with nails on the sides.

CurlyG65 says:

Happy wife, Happy life….


Hey Donn, good to see you back in action again. Like the way you made the sink stand. Pretty Cool. Good job and thanks for sharing with us.

greggy weggy says:

It really good to think that vanity unit was a tree in your paddock not that long ago, milled on a machine you made and finally made into a nice piece of bathroom furniture.

Werner Pfeifer says:

Handcrafting a great job, but me (176cm) the washstand would be clearly too low. I have made 95 cm.

anonymous says:

Great job Dann! 👍👍👍

Die Grooße soose says:

Little hole in your trousers 😂😂

Dusty aint it says:

That's a nice knee you got there lol

Mindaugas Gaulia says:

Duct tape does miracles

A D says:

Dab some clear over your hardware unless it's SS, nice.

AFH Projects says:

Progress in the sauna house. Nice! Even I don't have the sink yet. 😅Wife asks abot that a lot. Some people already asked about the outlets on the wall. For washing mashine and stuff? Shower comes right from the sink?

purask says:

Nice, but silicone between table and sink is great to add or just to glue with silicone on there lastslonger also nothing Will start to Grow there then,

giovanni petitti says:


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