Stabilizing Wood With DIY Vacuum Pump

Stabilizing Wood With DIY Vacuum Pump

Wood stabilizing is the process of injecting resin in wood by evacuating all the air present inside the wood via vacuum. Doing this create a stable and hard wood that is not affected by moisture.

Vacuum chamber built in this video:
And pid oven built in this other video:

I bought the stabilizing resin here:
Cactus Juice:
I don’t have any affiliation with but they offer a nice and fast service. Highly suggested for Europe supply!

Index of operation and materials:
0:20 Wood weigh before stabiliziation
0:35 Checking moisture content, needs to be as close to 0% as possible
1:05 Drying wood with pid controlled oven. 12 hours at 105°C (221°F)
1:50 Taking wood out of the oven before it cools down and placing it inside a sealed container so it does not absorb moisture
2:04 Leave wood to cool for couple hours, now moisture is very low.
2:31 Weighting down wood pieces with steel so they don’t float in the stabilizing resin
2:40 Completely covering in stabilizing resin
3:08 Slowly raising vacuum to prevent excessive bubbling
3:47 Taking to maximum vaccum and holding it for 4 hours or untill bubble stop rising
4:14 Slowly releasing vacuum. Wood needs to be left soaking inside the stabilizing resin after releasing vacuum. (I left overnight 12 hours)
4:32 Packing each piece individually in aluminum foil
5:07 Lefover resin can be collected and used over and over
5:22 Curing resin (stabilizing resin activates with heat) 2 hours at 95°C (203°F)
6:27 Scraping excess resin

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Black Beard Projects says:

Be sure to check description for more information and index of products and operations. And while you are there check out my Patreon page too for early access and voice-over edit of my videos. If you like what I do consider supporting me so I can keep on making:

Аза Жак says:

что это было не фига не понял было бы на русском

Énok Kárpáti says:

You should edit music under these videos.
Btw i like them

Lazy Moose says:

Never heard of wenge wood it’s beautiful

Mike Tsappas says:

Thats not beech!

Ash Scott says:

It's pretty disgusting that you really have to buy Cactus Juice for this. The stuff is stupidly expensive and you can bet your ass that some tiny niche company hasn't stumbled upon anything new. They're probably just buying the stuff in bulk under its real name, and sticking a label on it. Or at most, just buying in a few ingredients, mixing them, and selling them at a huge markup

Best Experiments says:


Shaughn Shea says:

World worst Hershey bars! Hate to unwrap that on Halloween :). Seriously tho, why stabilize what looked like good wood? I thought that was more about making punky wood usable?

Rated-e Mods says:

I feel like you could tackle any subject

Pineapple says:

It's cool to see how other people do this, great video man!

planejet42 says:

I thought that scale at the beginning was a Motorola Razr and got excited.

Javier Diaz says:


Chris Parks says:

This would be more useful on a larger scale but useful nonetheless.

Other World Explorers says:

Awesome video. I learned a lot from this one.
Especially the mistakes I would have made with my vacuum pump using solvent-based wood stabilizers. I would never had seen that one coming.
Thanks for the tip on using cactus juice. It looks very simple and I noticed you were able to reclaim unused product which is awesome!
Keep the videos coming we love them!

I did a thing says:

Can you make one big enough to stabilize me?

VadimFilin says:

SuperCrastan have done this already.

Peter L says:

And what are these for?

Вовка Морячок says:

А можно по русский, что он сделал

Houtje Boom - Be Creative says:

Great video….. I saw your video of making the chamber. but now you used the yellow rubber band. What is it? And thanks to put the link in the discription for buying catus juice in europe!!!!!

Viru Sinstall says:

give that beech a wenge 👌😑🔥

Richard Walden says:

would love to see a overall comparison of vacuum stabilizing soft woods and spalts. maybe set up a janka bench to see if it increases hardness and comparative stability of the woods?

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