The $15 Fifteen Minute Bench – DIY Project

The $15 Fifteen Minute Bench – DIY Project

$15 and 15 minutes can make you this bench!
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:

-2″x4″ (Home Depot):
-2″x8″ (Home Depot):
-2 1/2″ Screws (Home Depot):
48″l x 17″h x 14 1/2″d

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maria emilia negron says:

Can i use glue?

BAMBAMM1 says:

Whatever you do don't build the support legs like that, the will fall apart with the weight and the movement

waiting4your says:

This bench will not be stable if you dont have a perfectly flat floor. Instead of making closed box legs, try with ladder style legs

JPVegh says:

I can't imagine this is strong enough to sit on without the joints flexing. I don't think it will last long as a place to sit.

Lilia Campos says:

So easy and inexpensive making this for my bathroom corner thank you for your videos

Stefan Scholz says:

What´s the name of this song?

ronnie dixon says:

great bench i will use out side with urethane and cross support . Thanks ps build your self a work bench save those knees

ray sanchez says:

please wear shoes for protection

Randy Boyd says:

What kind of stain did u use?
Where can i get sta

Bredro says:

pointless video

oneforsarrow says:

Where are her safety glasses?

Reindl Reindl says:

A nice guide. Easy to understand…

Yasmine Banks-Johns says:

I think you guys r awsome and i like how she dressed down shows it really isnt thag hard. Im gonna make four for my kids bed ends….new sub definitely😍😍

Gerard sylvain says:

il like good job and barefoot

Buster Nut says:

Would it be wrong to fap over this?

73scamp says:

Great little bench there….

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