The Basics of Building | DIY for beginners

The Basics of Building | DIY for beginners

We get it – DIY projects can be intimidating. But once you’ve mastered some basics of building, you can apply those skills to projects of all kinds. Watch an entire wood project from start to finish and see how it all comes together. You’ll soon realize this whole DIY thing is easier than you think.

Free Project Plan:

Tools Used:
Bostitch Air Compressor
Porter-Cable Circular Saw (corded)
Milwaukee Drill (cordless)
Milwaukee Jigsaw
Makita Miter Saw
Bostitch Nail Gun
Bosch Router
DeWalt Sander
Stanley Square
Stanley Tape Measure



AVP bn says:

Thank you sir

mike cromwell says:

I watched your show now do I get all those pocket jigs? You have enough of them right? I’m disabled, broke, and live under a plane hanger. Help me please. I need all kinds of shelves made for space. Also need the plywood for the job. You know what would also help is a table to work on. Your shows would be watched everyday many times a day with some supplies donated to me and my girlfriend. I have several types of tools but not enough for the job. I’m subscribing to your shows. Thank you for your support. Mike out.

Joemil Maestrado says:

Your video is the most informative, step by step video I have ever seen. Thanks for this.

TheDrblu says:

Hey if kreg ever wants to give me any tools count me in. And I do mean ANY

NC Cryptids with BlindSniper says:

Great video … ty for the tips

holybritches says:

Mobile Project Center? Someone in marketing must have named that. It's like calling a rifle a weapons system.

Sam Lee says:

so….I guess I need all those jigs….for the project…..i just got one clamp…accu cut….and mini pocket hole jig….but I guess i need more jigs….i watched this video….so can I get some discounts on those jigs????

David Newby says:

how would you hide the pocket holes inside the cupboard, they are visible and ugly, other than that and not using glue, I like it

Kelli Moore says:

This video is every bit as good as the New Yankee Workshop. I think Norm would be proud. Very well done video!

Jon Larson says:

now all i need is 1K worth of Kreg gear.

Fred Sanford says:

Nice editing.

Lim Sophorn says:

Wow… it's really useful for the beginner. I subscribed. Thanks!

Bails says:

awesome, is there a reason you don't use glue?

Emilio Tapia says:

Good working mister Carpinter.

Michael Erfurth says:

Great video, pick up a lot of useful tips. Thank you.

Ethan Gerrard says:

What a great instructional video. Just looked up Kreg tool store in the uk, looks like I have tools to buy. Regards. Ethan.

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