The Rustic Coffee Table – Easy DIY Project

The Rustic Coffee Table – Easy DIY Project

TOOLS LIST (Amazon links):
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tape Measure:
-Safety Goggles:
-Ear Protection:

MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links):
-Caster Wheels:
-Trim Head Screws:
-Wood Filler:
-Sanding Blocks:
(partial list, other items can be found at hardware stores)

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Easy DIY tutorial for building a rustic wheeled coffee table.

Dimensions: 46″l x 29w” x 19″h



Carolina Gomez says:

what stain color did you use?

MOdern DESign MInimal says:

Thanks for inspiring me to build!

Precious says:

how much are the wood pieces?

Tj Burgess says:

I need that sectional to go with table. Where did you get it

Angel Mota Ortiz says:

Que bien trabaja y que buena organizadora es a la hora de ponerse a trabajar.

P Smith says:

Love the music

Egor Mrinskiy says:

I prefer to build with woodprix plans.

Husam Grayry says:

Thanks guys

Bellas Bonita says:

You guys give me SO MUCH COURAGE to build! YES THANK YOU!

hugo peralta araya says:

I like much

Trey Schmidt says:

y'all do great work with very limited tools. great job.

Derek Peters says:

Love the videos, absolutely hate the terrible music on repeat.

Chelle Weatherspoon says:

I like the wheels idea. Easier on my wood floors.

Anz Gonzales says:

Made mine took me 2 days and it came out AMAZING!! It's bigger than theirs.

Sean keegan vogt says:

These measurements dont add up. The 2×4 dont fit over the planks perfectly. My wood is cut to your specifications. Also 2 inch nails aren't long enough

Alton Smith says:

I found myself looking at how fine she is

Carl Baltes says:

I just got all materials from Lowe's tonight to build tomorrow. About $90 dollars for everything. Once again good video! Very detailed and parts list perfect! 😉

LightGesture says:

Definitely needs a lot more time of curing and stain. The cedae makes it GLOW.

I have these people in my town trying to pass this cheap wood rubbish for $400 a table! It's incredible how they've probably more than once sold this to some poor sap…

It's not bad for something like you have nothing and a fun learn craft, but this ISN'T furniture.

Michael Bragg says:

you are so cute and funny i can tell your having fun

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