The Rustic Side Table – Easy DIY Project

The Rustic Side Table – Easy DIY Project

TOOLS LIST (Amazon links):
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tape Measure:
-Safety Goggles:
-Ear Protection:

MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links):
-Trim Head Screws:
-Sanding Blocks:
-Wood Filler:
(partial list, other items can be found at hardware stores)

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Easy DIY tutorial for making your own rustic side table!
Dimensions: 24″w x 24″h x 24″d



mikhiel troyah says:

I love this channel. They take the intimidating factor out of diy for me. I have a question, how larg of a structure can you make with this form? I wanted to make an island for the kitchen just like the table. Any tips or suggestions?

Hayal Hobi says:

Wooden Bird Cage and pallet projects… Please subscribe! My channel, HAYAL HOBİ

Payratroopah 108 says:

They put a lot into their videos. This is just what is needed to give people the confidence to do it themselves!!

buLLetproofJBE says:

Could you add hairpin legs to this and elevate it to use it as a nightstand in the bedroom?

Rigo F. says:

Damn! she's hotter than hell! 🤘😎

FordGuyAJ says:

I would place more than 2 boards inside ……if you know what I mean

FordGuyAJ says:

I'd fill more than those screw holes…..if you know what I mean

FordGuyAJ says:

I'd screw more than those 2×12's…..
if you know what I mean

WanderingMuz3 Aka guerro_morenos says:

do you mind doing a DIY for the hanging rope lights, I have been trying to find a DIY for them <3

Janae Hildreth says:

My favorite! Love how you list everything in the beginning. I’m surprised how many diy channels don’t do that. Plus the dog is super cute.

Jasmine Morris says:

If im going to get the pieces precut then what should i ask for as far as measurements?

FPM says:

The stain used is Honey 272?

swordscot says:

What a great dog.

12M Views says:

I made a couple of these and sold em for 350 on Craigslist thanks

Ronald Strout says:

Nice end table young lady.Nice cute dog.

prasansak prasansak says:

beautiful smile

tpfmike1976 says:

BOB VILLA got nothing on you guys.. love it

Brandon Brock says:

Thank you guys so much. I just found your channel a week ago and already built my first headboard and my wife Loves it. Also you've saved me a ton of money. These are next on my list. 😉 keep up the good work

SuperJbarrera says:

I made an entertainment stand or tv stand that fits a 65 inch tv from your plans just made the top the length I needed then the sides and middle same as in the plans turned out very nice

clydesmith says:

I like the way she filled the holes.

varun parmar says:

I followed this video of yours and made a side table, the color did not end up this dark as you show in video even after using the same stain and polish. Do you know why ?

TaylorMom24 says:

Thank you for being there for me in more ways than you can imagine. Love all of your DIYs. Saved me money and from being in debt with furniture places. I will try this some time next week. You guys are TALENTED and AMAZING!!

Priscilla Espinoza says:

Just have one question where did you get you wood all I f the hardware store around me don’t have a such thing as a 2×12 and how much did you spend on this project

texasmadefella says:

Nice cleavage sorry i meant table

Chris Romero says:

Beautiful work!

HaveAnother 2588 says:

The videos are all great. But I could do without the dog breaks and the overly bubbly “super duper” stuff.

Bernd Anders says:

Good work 👍 your dog is so cute😍

zarul360 says:

Hi…can you tell me ..what kind of your paint used?

Get Me Out of Here says:

What type/species of wood was used for this project?

Marden says:

I know what my next project is going to be. Thanks for putting this up.

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