These Wooden Clamps Are Amazing – Here’s How I Made Them

These Wooden Clamps Are Amazing – Here’s How I Made Them


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Steve Rigby says:

Functional AND beautiful!

fotopdo says:

Just bought the plans, I have access to a lot of birch ply … do you think I could glue up 1/2” and make bars from that?

rfcilia says:

who would give this video a thumbs down???

nuno santiago says:

Beautiful work indeed.They are a joy to behold.Being a practical person myself I always make my special clamps out of steel. Not as satisfying but very strong , effective and quick to make.

jbsosa100 says:

This is extremely badass. Thank you for showing us how to do this, you are a gentleman and scholar.

Mark Grevatt says:

WOW love those clamps very impressive

James Haines says:

Great build,
Sharp look…
great functionality,..
two thumbs up!
Your primary shop teacher must be so proud.
the pupil has become the master!!!
I enjoy watching your talent displayed.
Thank You.

Craig Monteforte says:

Hey John i think these are the nicest diy bar clamps on YouTube one of my biggest reasons for the comment is they simply do not look homemade but look like something that may have been commercially available to Woodworking professionals in the past thanks for another great design and a good video on the build i enjoy the details you show and the advice/comments you offer in them

katracho Feliz says:

Awesome job, nice work shop also keep it up blessings.

R. Chip Denief says:

Excellent… the router jig alone is brilliant. Thanks!

Zero Fox says:

If I had all that equipment I'd knock up a set of clamps too 😀

skipstah70 says:

beautiful clamps!

I Want To Make says:

do you know of any way that i could make those groves without a router?

lindsaybbarrett says:

Can I buy one off you?

Luis Hermidas says:

Lo que veo es que me parece ,abeto o roble blanco ,creo que es una madera semi dura y me párese bien todo respeto que duraría poco , igual es jenial ,soy carpintero ase 30 años y respeto la profesión

Luis Hermidas says:

Excelente ,muy bueno 👏

Kevs Build says:

What a really elegant solution John

Kevin Kirk-hailey says:

Beautiful work as always. Unfortunately, here in the UK, the timber to make them would be prohibitively expensive.

Dewex Dewex says:

In future, you may want to make your step jig so that it accommodates the router without it having to be removed each time you advance the jig. Just a broad surface at the end where you start and finish with the router cross cut and a counterbalance at the other end or have it flat on the bench either side. That way you can keep the router running at the start position and not have to keep lifting it off and on for each cut. It's evident from the video timelapse that taking the router on and off for each cut is expensive. Great work.

LeTomato says:

you should really invest in a riving blade

Wahyit Cheung says:

Hahahah need a clamp to make clamp, not in heard of… You need money to make money.

S. White says:

Great stuff John

Filip Milbredt says:

John Heisz Hi John. Really liked the clamps, both the looks and the function, and will probably do a couple of my own sometime in the future. I have one question though. Not about the clamps per say, but about you only using the planer and not the jointer. Is there a reason for this, like that you don't have a jointer? I have seen several people on Youtube do the same and it seems odd to me since it has it's side effects. If the whole piece is a banana then the planer will just push it down and when it comes out on the outer side it will smooth, but it will still be a banana. Just curious… Great video and nice project!

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