Top 3 amazing ideas for wood working

Top 3 amazing ideas for wood working

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Deterrent Dubz says:

The first two are total shit, the last one is pretty pointless so I don’t see why this video has been uploaded tbh especially with that title….

александр кириченко says:

глупые лайфхаки из контакта и сюда добрались… ппц, че это за нах…

Boris Shterhun says:

How many time you think about this “ideas”, bro? Next time simply smoke some marijuana))

macbaar says:

The last one – super! 👍👍👍😜🇨🇭

Dreger Dreger says:

El 3 también es interesante pero poco práctico también

Dreger Dreger says:

Lo 2 inteligente pero poco práctico !

Dreger Dreger says:

Lo primero ya ni sirve haces un poco de fuerza y seguro se rompe la mala soldadura !

João Ruiz says:

Nunca vi nada tão estupido, perdi meu tempo!

Jacob White says:

Insult to woodworking make me puke

Smudgie Bear says:

You try and pull anything bigger than that twig out the ground with that contraption the shit welding if going to break.

imakewoodcrafts says:

what does anything in this video have to do with woodworking?

Des M. says:

Can you show us how to make a Lathe out of scrap metal?

Aldo Mattos says:

Ótimo canal, ótimas idéias para facilitar muitas tarefas do nosso dia a dia! Obrigado e fico esperando o próximo vídeo. 👍

Noah B says:

Y does ur welder have so much recoil?

Noah B says:

I love ur channel!

Inventor 101 says:

Great video I like the last one👍👍

Tech And Future says:

nice one

سليمان تك says:



COOL! Thank you!

Mr.DIYventor says:

Nice video

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