Build a RetroPie Bartop Arcade Cabinet with a Raspberry Pi

Build a RetroPie Bartop Arcade Cabinet with a Raspberry Pi

in this video, Mike from The Geek Pub shows how to build a RetroPie Bartop Arcade Cabinet using a Raspberry Pi.

To get the plans, find out more and go further in-depth read the article on

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Shenaniganiz0r says:

This looks great! I appreciate the guide. Excuse my lack of technical terminology and know-how, but do you think it'd be possible to also have some simple USB controllers plugged in but create some kind of switcher – whether it's a physical switch or some kind of program on the pi – to be able to switch between the traditional arcade-style controls and USB SNES-style controllers? Like maybe an on/off for the arcade controls and an on/off for the SNES controllers?

Silent Death says:

Someone's taken geometry class

Gagailos says:

Is this channel still working?

Rutger van der Velde says:

total cost ?

Jake Knaup says:

Awesome job man. You made that look easy. I want to tackle a project like this so bad. I'm slowly getting up the nerve.

Wanajo says:

hi, I liked your hand work but I came here for products of retropie buttons or joysticks etc. Do you have list of them? I need to build this from scratch like you.

Neil Sheedy says:

Great video! What jigsaw blade did you use to get such a nice cut on double stacked mdf?

ikkuranus says:

Would it be feasible to have the screen inset in such a way that the Acer logo is covered by the wood?

UserUnkown says:

Will this work with a 13 inch crt tv i have an HDMI to av box

Cartergaming says:

Does anyone know how much the wood costs in total

K. A. says:

Great job, well done!

Hunter’s Gaming Cove yt says:

Do you just use a regular pc monitor

joseph vaughn says:

Can you post a link to those sweet usb speakers?

Paul Henshall says:

very nice build.

Clifton Bonney says:

Hi. Did you ever have any issues configuring the two joysticks for MAME games?

Stephen East Coast uk says:

Hey Mike greetings from the UK that is one Sick workshop you have

L3GEND 84 says:

My pie is coming tomorrow this will be a good summer project my best friends dads workshop has all the tools

TheArtOfHands says:

I'm jealous… you have the real Art of Hands!

AloneinFiction says:

Where did you get the joystick kit?

AloneinFiction says:

Thank you for this!!!


Great video

Milscent Nyathi says:

Liking it ,great work

Kevin Bailie says:

Whats the distance between the nail and the pencil on the compass

Ryan Barber says:

after cutting out the sides, did you sand at all? or is it unnecessary since you are using t-molding?

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