Build a Tiny Desktop Arcade with Raspberry Pi + ATMEGA32U4 + RetroPie

Build a Tiny Desktop Arcade with Raspberry Pi + ATMEGA32U4 + RetroPie

Yet another arcade build, this time in a compact design meant for extended play. Alslo in the video is a DIY USB keyboard encoder made from an Arduino compatible microcontroller. A much cheaper alternative to off-the-shelf arcade keyboard encoders as a 32u4 dev board = $6 USD.
Arduino code here:
Kit for this Model:



Wattcat says:

Is there a way to can buy this in a kit form (or atleast the wood panels)? I'd love to have one.

Robin Lewis Art says:

What size and type of monitor is that … it looks really small

Robin Lewis Art says:

That is so cool …. omg ๐Ÿ’• I love them

Atoool K says:

lovely design!

Ronaldo Pereira says:

amazing work!

Lorenzo Tds says:

Where i can buy the wood panels (i've the 7" rasp monitor)

T. I. says:

Can we buy a completely assembled unit like this my friend? Youโ€™re amazing btw๐Ÿ˜„

Billy Batson says:

Bro?! You should start your own company selling these units, there's a nice size demand for them.

bart glez says:

it is possible to program more buttons in this case 9 buttons for games that use 6 buttons.

R1 Arcades says:

You are an inspiration!

ๆ˜Ÿใใšใฎๅก” says:

Too amazing!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Dean Slegos says:

The website I found gave me a flawless link. Your making the Internet a better place good sir!

BAD WOLF says:

What size monitor

Jan Fredrik Leversund says:

A much cheaper alternative to a $6 32u4 dev board is to use a raspberry ip GPIO joystick driver. Should cost about $0, and it also saves you some space.

billy vandory says:

16:10 music is fucking gay as fuck!
ab lab lab OOoOOoOOOaooaooaoOO.. WTF

Eric Castle says:

Do you have a video like this for the new version of the two player kit? I saw one where you were working on a larger sized 2 player but it looked fairly different. Thanks

Gerard Mushin says:

Hello Friend. Excellent video, I have a question. Does any Raspberry run the SNK games? (KOF, Streetfighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.) Or can I use another cheaper interface? I appreciate it a lot. ๐Ÿ‘

kpikid says:

Why not use the Gpio pins for the arcade controls?

Raymond D. Lewis says:

Is this kit already available here:

Or is the above link for a different arcade cabinet?

xRedstreak says:

is there a way for me to know if i need to daisey chain the ground for the buttons, because ive watched a lot of videos and half them do it and the others don't but they all work in the end. This is the PCB i bought, would i need to do it for the Happ style buttons

Raymond D. Lewis says:

Well, its already February 2018!
Where is my kit?
I wan't one!!!!

Please I begggggggg.

Robert Thomas says:

This video makes me want a CNC machine.

Michael Jensen says:

I love that you made a dust cover for it, that's great. Most software /electronics nerds don't sew, but I love that you bring that skill to the table for this project. That's really awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

L4cky82 says:

Solid work, very impressive!
I would like to make the same (similar) but I lack the tools, space and ability to complete such a project.

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