Custom Hyperspin Arcade Cabinet UPDATED WITH LINKS TO PLANS

Custom Hyperspin Arcade Cabinet UPDATED WITH LINKS TO PLANS

This is short video showing how I went about building a custom Hyperspin arcade cabinet. This is not a tutorial but a recap of sorts.

UPDATED version of my other video
* fixed audio
*added links to files

I am no expert at sketchup or photoshop, as a result these files are not perfect but I believe they can be of much help in your own build. In this link you will be able to view and download the following:

* 4 pages in PDF detailing measurements. (slightly different shape under controll panel from final build)

*Editable photoshop files for Marquee and control panel. control panel dimensions are to exact scale for standard buttons.

*Google Schetchup file



Richard Krzyzanski says:

This is my winter project. Here goes nothing!

Edgar Ayon says:

around how much money would it take to build one? a simple arcade machine not as big as yours. Im thinking about creating one . A friend and I are currently talking about it

Francisco S. Cancio says:

thank you for sharing.

Yoda says:

It’s truly badass, I say even perfect.

Peter Raes says:

great piece of work ,just love it.
I'm going to build one myself but going with a 32" LCD monitor (true..not a "slow" response TV) and i mainly play shmups tated.
The thing is..i get like a 27" 4:3 picture wich responds to shmups beeing played on a sega astro city (crt) wich are actually 29" of wich about 27" is real estate:)
The problem is the following…i would go crazy if i sit this close as you do tbh so i backed of and found the spot to be like eyes to screen = 28" wich seem far away.
So i'm gonna have to make some alterations to the making of distance wise ,just wanted to point this out to all the folks here to think it over carefully cause once built…better safe then grievance and sore eyes:)

Scritley says:

This is fantastic!  Thank you for taking the time to share this with the world.  I built a virtual pinball last year and have been working on prototype CP for my MAME/Arcade cab build and this video just made up my mind.  Beautiful finished product.  Looks like it came right out of a factory in Japan.  I especially love the slimmer depth (Flat panel vs CRT) and the 2 player positions plus track ball real estate fill out the 16:9 space perfectly.  Great job!  My only question: Do you have any issues with stability during a vigorous gaming session with 2 people on joysticks (say fighting game)?  or is it heavy enough?  Did you attach it to the wall?

Jeff Morgan says:

Love the cabinet design. I'm starting mine right now inspired by yours. I'm having a hard time finding the roms I want in one big file instead of having to download one by one. If you could help me out I'd be more then happy to paypal you some cash. Email me jeffsciv23@icloud

Felipe Martins says:

Man, amazing work. I wanted something almost exactly the same, but with different painting and stickers. Really really nice work. Also thanks for the sketches and plans. Very nice work.

bullamarta says:

Awesome! I love the efforts you put into this. It really shows. Looks great!!

Alan Yañez says:

Oye qué buena Arcadia. Qué ancho de MDF usaste? Y muchas gracias por los planos que aportaste. Saludos de Morelos México

Wild American says:

I'm basically using your plans with a few modifications, my only question is are you happy with the 39" screen? I have a 39 as well but it just seems too big.

kirk millet says:

your games are cool man

kirk millet says:

your games are cool man

raykupal says:

corona with no lime?????

mainevent19812009 says:

Can u email me the blueprint and measurements of the arcade cabinet . Thanks Iam think of building one for my son

Chris T says:

Awesome cabinet. I am in the middle of building it from your plans. Thanks.
One question, there are 7 buttons near each of those 8-ways but I am not sure of the button layout. Is that one that is diagonally placed from the joystick a copy of another? How would I wire up button 1, 2, 3…?
This is my first time so not sure. Thanks

Eduardo Sifontes says:

what software did you used?

TechDark says:

love the cupholder feature

Thomas Kane says:

I have a question, how did you acquire all those games? Did you have to buy all those games individually or did you download them?

Cody Fontenot says:

Very professional build! Kudos! One question: if you did it all over again, what would you do differently?

kevin vowerly says:

como activo el segundo player???

Scott McNally says:

How much would you charge to build one of these?

mauriciobentz says:

VERY NICE! Awesome and enjoy! and thank you SO MUCH for the schematics!

Edwin Jimenez says:

Howard Make te cup holder?

BiewtifuL Le says:

how much did this build cost total? (not including pc but include screen, soeakers, n joysticks)) i would love to replicate.

utubepunk says:

Sick build! You should be proud of an epic build… my only nitpick… you need to give it a worthy name! Every badass sword has a name, ya know.☺

Nicolás Juárez says:

Thx for the blueprint!!!!

AMVayanefan says:

Really awesome looking rig.

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