How to Build: Your own Custom Arcade Machine Cabinet! (with links to plans and everything you need)

How to Build: Your own Custom Arcade Machine Cabinet! (with links to plans and everything you need)

Full details, blueprints and places to buy material in description of how I put it together (with DIY videos and pictures showing the process of how a total woodworking beginner, who knew very little electronics built an arcade machine from scratch).

What you’ll need:

Building material –
3 pieces of 16mm 600×1800 MDF

About 60 angle brackets (you can use pine to screw and glue too, it’s actually cheaper)

MDF appropriate self drilling screws (15mm screws)

Perspex (Suntuf 900 x 600 x 3mm Clear Acrylic Sheet)

1 pack of 62cm Poster Hanger – It’s not in the video but for the edging to the part just above the control panel, I’ve used black poster hangers and slipped it to the perspex. I bought them from kmart.
They look like this:

Electronics –
Classic Dimpletop Push Buttons with microswitches (2 LED, 3 black, 6 yellow, 6 blue, player 1 and player 2)
Coin Door and coin mechanism
2 Red ball zippy joystick
I-PAC2 Keyboard Encoder
PCB Mounting Feet (can get form ozstick)
7-8feet Yellow 16mm T-moulding
Wiring (I bought the wiring kit from ozstick too)
Arlec 30cm 12W LED strip light 4 pack

Computer –
24 inch monitor
Female Molex connector to wire 12v LEDs. If you don’t know how to wire it, just leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help out.

Decor –
Black paint
Yellow paint (if you don’t want to put side panel stickers)
Adhesive vinyl
Lightbox film

If you decide to print at sydney print media, make sure you call or email them asking them how to send the files. I had some trouble with them with sizes and the website uploading doesn’t work very well. They are really friendly however and print delivery was very fast.

Cabinet –
Coutrol Panel Layout –

Places to shop: (australia)

NB: the monitor stand was one of the hardest part of the build process and I suggest that you put a plank across the part of the arcade which fits you best. Once you have the outer frames, the rest is really up to you so don’t worry if you feel lost in this part. It’s a matter to making a “shelf” for it.

For the control panel, put in 4 brackets (2 on each side) to hold it up, and 2 temp screws to hold them in. I can unscrew them from the bottom any time I want to open it. Some people put in hinges but I was too lazy.

Ibuki side panel:,islt:4mp&tbm=isch&

Ken side panel (you might need to upscale the picture in photoshop if you can’t find a bigger version – print in 300dpi at least):,islt:2mp&tbm=isch&

Control Panel:

When using these pictures, try to use 300dpi or more. If you upscaling from 72dpi, make sure you use photoshop as it has a resampling function which will ‘fill in’ the missing pixels when you expand. For more info on how to do this, google photoshop+upscale

For Hyperspin:



Meet the Tings says:

Hi everyone, all details are in the description.

Spiderbait Mann says:

Looks really nice, good work!

Dakota Powell says:

The topics covered in this wood working book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) varies from wood types to tool types and also uses. It also tells you regarding the several types of wood and just how simple or difficult they are to work with. This book has been very useful and is a great one for somebody just getting into wood working.

BiewtifuL Le says:

I still dont get it, did you manually printed out the sides? How did u get the print out on the acrylic sheet? Is there a place i can order these? I can place an order with you for the printing ? (Since i have no clue how to use photoshop)

Devin Padilla says:

I have found this wood working book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) suitable for me. Not only does it cover wood working techniques, but it even explains the development cycles of trees that lead to the characteristics that carpenters find favorable in lumber. I also gave my dad another copy.

RandomMarioBros says:

Thanks for your help! This definitely helped to making my custom Polybius machine!

Havoque Inc says:

What was the estimated total cost for this project?

X Society says:

Hey boss I downloaded the blue prints. I'm from the US so not to sure on the measurements listed. Is that centimeters?

imGlobL says:

Hi mate, great video and awesome build !!!!!
I will be starting to build my arcade cabinet with a 42" lg led tv soon just currently collecting things for the build at the moment.
I have my buttons and ipac2 from Chris at Ozstick He's a awesome guy with lots of knowledge He has my Pc right now installing hyperspin and setting the thing up for me as I am not really computer savvy.
Just wanting to know what the price is roughly for the side art and control panel artwork set you back?
And the t-slot cutter did you get that from Bunnings can't seem to find one there or online?
the darn thing is expensive!!!!

Regards Imglobl from Melbourne

Shane Coleman says:

awesoooome! gonna make me one choice!

princeviny17 says:

where did you get the graphics on the side like from where from a store nearby or you orded it online or somthing ??? if so post a link to a site also is it avaible in the usA 😀 ???

Srpska Youtube Televizija says:

i tought video for making your own,custom arcade based on your choose of games and programs,not your choose of material for case

Mako says:

Should I take a wood working class before attempting this? I want to build a custom Zelda arcade machine one day…

l o l says:

Hey i built my machine, but still dont know how to wire/connect the coin acceptor. Can you please help me?


Around how much was all the wood you bought?

Arcade Obsessed says:

Hey man finally completed my artwork build from Sydney Print

Warmelon says:

Congrats on your work, man. I'd love to build my own arcade cab one day too but i'm such a noob in any type of manual labour that it would take me 3 months to finish it.

Arcade Obsessed says:

Awesome build mate congratulations
Thanks for all the info in your description as well I might check out Sydney media print I want to get side art on my ultra Streetfighter 4 Cabinet

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