Retrobox: DIY Raspberry Pi All-On-One Arcade Joystick (Full Build Guide)

Retrobox: DIY Raspberry Pi All-On-One Arcade Joystick (Full Build Guide)

I built an all-in-one arcade joystick containing a Raspberry Pi 3 that hooks up to your TV for playing retro games using RetroPie! Introducing: the Retrobox. This video will show you how to make your own.

● Full guide + parts list/links:

● What you’ll need (direct links to Amazon):
Raspberry Pi 3 B+:
Raspberry Pi power supply, 2.5A:
MicroSD card, 32GB:
Hole saw bit, 1-1/8″:
Box cutter:
Screwdriver, Phillips:
Cordless drill:
HDMI cable:
Arcade button/joystick USB kit, illuminated (LED):
ABS project box, 7.5″ x 4.3″ x 2.2″:
Acrylic plexiglass sheet, 1/8″ x 12″ x 12″:
Raspberry Pi 3 heatsinks:
Large rubber adhesive feet:
Brass spacer standoffs:

● Or, see all products in our Amazon List:

● Hole template I used:

● Other guides mentioned in the video:
Installing RetroPie:
Power button:
Status LED:

● howchoo interests mentioned in the video:

● Theme song:
“Microchip” by Jason Farnham from the YouTube Audio Library.

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howchoo says:

Check out the full guide on howchoo for a text and photo version of this build!

Alison Chavez says:



Do you sell any? Thanks

Alison Chavez says:

stop me, send me two of those arcade, greetings from ecuador

Alison Chavez says:

hello greests you from ecuador

Safari Nuggets says:

can you use 2 retroboxes using usb to play retropie?

Putra Arif Prasetyo says:

Will this controller run with otg on Android?

Derek Green says:

My Pi always gives me the lightning bolt meaning it is underpowered when i try to use this as a gamepad and configure it. I have nothing else plugged into my Pi. Any idea? I'm using the Cannakit 2.5v power supply that came with it

RunningCorduroy says:

Your video is really easy to understand. However, I am wondering why some tutorials wire up a separate power supply for the leds? Do you know anything about this?

Joe S says:

This is awesome. Would you be willing to build and wire the hardware for sale?

SinX4Lyfe says:

Just bought all everything on the list to make this even the band saw. Bought some extra part just in case I fail! Wish me luck, I invested in this cost me 350$ for everything… planning to make a few once I become succesful to make for the family 🙂

SinX4Lyfe says:

Can you pls link the band saw thing?… Im trying to do this without the knife

Exodusprime says:

I am not mechanically inclined enough to build anything, but I love your design. Have you ever considered making these and selling them already assembled because I am very interested in obtaining one of these for my son.

Lee Marson says:

Interesting project. Love retro gaming! I have no experience with Raspberry Pi's and would love build something. I have been looking at a few videos lately on how to make a bartop arcade. Hopefully one day I will get the chance. Thank you for taking the time to make the video!

Dillon Hall says:

I know I'm late to the game but will this work with the Pi 2B? From comparing the 2B with the 3, I think it should though the emulation won't be as good.

Phillip says:

What blows my mind is why no one has made a damn box or kit you can buy that you would just need to buy a pi and some arcade buttons/stick to just put into it.
Instead you have to actually have all the tools and everything to make one, how has no one come up with selling a premade plastic case or anything that does this?

Minitaur89 says:

Cool video inspiring me to make my own Arcade joystick 😀

Gaming girl says:

This borde for PC

michalokable says:

Really enjoy the videos, but sometimes you talk really fast out of enthousiasm (no complaints!!) and therefor a bit hard to follow for a non English noobie

Jeremy Cline says:

Do they sell bigger plastic enclosures?

Radkat says:

Thank you so much for the info about the additional controllers at 0:36. No other "Youtuber" answered this for me, and here you are first 30 seconds with an answer. Subbed 👍

Andy Cook says:

thanks for a great video, i built my own today, worked first time.

J - LAX says:

How do i download games do i just find them on a store?

Justin Omoi says:

Random thought while watching this. Your voice really remind me of Corpse Husband from YouTube haha.

mark g says:

Could you build two an link/usb them together for 2 players?

BigButler says:

badly processed

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