the aluminium ARCADE stick [build vlog]

the aluminium ARCADE stick [build vlog]

Welcome to my build vlog of the aluminium ARCADE stick! This is a very interesting project since it’s been carried over some years and because of that I had to face some challenges thanks to my inexperience on designing things.
I’m really happy to share this project with you since it can be of great inspiration and you can learn / teach me something new!
I don’t have access to the original files for the buttons since I had designed them with 123D Design and the app it’s no longer available and I don’t have Fusion 360. I’m Sorry.

Thanks for Watching!!

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Rolando Xavi says:

Wow is awesome i from Latino i speak spanish

wahyu ariaji says:

can you tell me what is the dimension of the box? thank you, your work is inspired me, im going to make one of this,,

Drew Jordahl says:

where did you get the m3 nut brackets? I'm looking to make a similar project and was curious as to where I could find them.

Luis Marcolino says:

Nice work. Like it! What's the thickness of the aluminum that you have used? Also, where did you get those rubber feet? Thanks

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