Backyard projector screen project

Backyard projector screen project

This is my backyard projector screen project. About 800 to build the screen. Materials from Lowes and paint from Digital1Crystal 4.4 Black. I replaced my old DJ screen. The white screen washes out because of the ambient light. This is why I decided to go this route.



Oscar Rodriguez says:

this looks really great! Where do you have the receiver and speakers? are they kept outside as well? If so, do you have any moisture issues?

Pablo Freshcobar says:

what happens when it rains

Sebastien L says:

Great setup bro!

Samuel Mines says:

Hey James, my name is Sam and I work for a leading video licensing agency called Newsflare. We are very interested in licensing this video, so would you be able to email me? samuel(dot)mines(at)newsflare(dot)com – thanks

will1nice says:

Dude what's the name of the projector ? Is it wifi or Bluetooth comparable?



Orlando Britos says:

Looks great ! What projector are you using?

CoolhandLukeSkywalkr says:

If you really wanted to impress us you should have gone with a scope screen and anamorphic lens setup, 16:9 is nothing to write home about if you have the space for 2.35:1.


seems your projector can work afternoon day light outdoor please email me or reply here

Perry B says:

Very cool setup

Korbin Purchase says:

How did this cost $800? From what I can see its plywood and 1×2's painted. Looks great don't get me wrong. I'm just wondering how this cost $800? Maybe it's way bigger than I think it is.

chello70 says:

Only one thing missing now mate…

All the Playboy Bunnies 😉

Marquis Knowles says:

What are the dimensions and all the materials you used to make this project?


I would call out everyday just to hang back there

MrSuperman258401 says:

+Josh Powell and +Anthony Hernandez and +chagensick check this out cant wait to build my outdoor screen

MrSuperman258401 says:

Looks amazing looks like it is about 8ft x 14ft 1/4" so 195.8" 16×9 screen about to make the same size with a weather proof tarp and wood. What projector are you using and how far back is it?


Thank you from digital1crystal screen paint to James Allen for the awesome video, pictures and amazing support.

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