Build with Roman – How to build a Fremont DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Build with Roman – How to build a Fremont DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit

In this video, Roman takes you through the simple process of building your very own Freemont outdoor fireplace kit. You will get to see one be built and learn valuable tips and tricks along the way. Don’t forget to bring your Big Ass Square. You are going to need it. If you cannot perform the tasks in this video, or you aren’t confident in what you are doing, you can always call a professional. They would love to hear from you.

Note: This is the older model. Visit for the new and improved version. Don’t worry, It’s easier to build than this one.


Our DIY kits can be purchased here:

“Wagon Wheel”
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Sean McGuire says:

I would've wanted to use mortar on that thing

Elizabeth Farrell says:

I enjoyed watching it. 😃

Merlin Price says:

So with the big cap on top how does the smoke vent out? I didn't see that part in the video?

Active Lifestyle Store says:

g mor2" square firepit on my patio. Walls are 24" tall and made from solid limestone with a concrete cap. I would like to convert that into a fireplace. Is there a way to use one of these DIY kits and build on top of the existing four walls of the firepit or am I going to have to tear it down and start from ground up?


The cap stone in video looks like it’s flush over the top, not allowing smoke to escape. I notice in other pictures on your site the cap stone looks like its elevated. Video is a bit misleading. I think that’s what one person was asking about – why the capstone. Maybe you could explain how that’s put up on elevated stones – and how those stones are secured. Thanks.

HoldemRw says:

love the look of this. I am no stone expert but after shopping around for kits I noticed these kits cost bit more than others from places like Menards, tech block etc… what is reason for that is it quality of the block used

Krystal Quel says:

Your big ass square LOL

Roman Alexander says:

cool name bro

Sharen Federinko says:

what kind of sealant/adhesive are you using, and does it have to be able to withstand high heat? Do the fire bricks require a different adhesive than the stones?

carita mccoy says:

please did you use the adhesive to install fire bricks

상어덮밥편의점 says:

where do you buy the big ass square?

levi ridge says:

its not a square its a level .

Nailah Washington says:

can a Roman for place be built indoors? I love the way that looks. I'm designing my house and I want one in my house.

Ray Warriner says:

Can we get these on the East coast?

Cynthia Bennett says:

How many pieces of stone are in the kit?

Dave M says:

your website says "Page Not Found" when I clicked on it. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Travis Olson says:

Fire brick is not required on the floor of the firplace, only the walls?

Ah Jodie says:

Please explain the cap on the top

Brandon Garrott says:

What's is the size of the angle iron? I know it's 46inchea long but is it 2×2??/ will it work with quarter inch 2×2?

Chris McDowell says:

Nice. Do these ship anywhere?

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