DIY Backyard Chicken Coop | How to Build

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop | How to Build

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Giant Chicken Coop Plans:
Compact Chicken Coop Plans: Will be posted soon


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Mike's Micro Shop says:

Deep litter is great, but it is not necessarily just 1 or 2 liter changes a year! You need to change it when it needs to be changed, and that is when it starts to smell of ammonia!!!!! That will happen more or less frequent depending on the climate you live in! So don't assume that you will only have to be concerned with the litter 1 or 2 times a year until you know that is going to be the case! If you let the ammonia get to high it can make your chickens sick or even kill them!

johnny at just windows glass 951-757-0079 says:

Care/of Vitamins GOT SOME THANK YOU April

Tony Burelle says:

This is a great project

Billy Ward says:

@2:00 all that time and money spent on dust collection…

Gray House Studio says:

Great design! We hope to get out of the the suburbs eventually so we can take advantage of projects like this. Did you have to bury and set the legs in concrete? How hard was it to move?

Cliff Sessoms says:

Great job!! It gets cold in Texas? 🙂

MaximAvs says:

My wife’s been asking for me to build a coop! Thanks for the excellent video and plans!! Now…just to find time to build it!

Greg T says:

Thank you for posting this! Love your videos. Keep them coming!!!!

Mike Tarzwell says:


Nicholas Schrader says:

must be nice to build everything she has and not have to worry about selling anything. you tube is a good gig

Stephen Woodward says:

Old linoleum is good for the bottom of the coop to make it easier to scrap out the chicken manure…

Matt Tolman says:

Don't you have to replace the wood floor at some point?

Peter Curtis says:

To keep the snakes out! I am never coming to America. I will not sleep tonight thinking about snakes in the chicken shed. Thanks for the vid, great as usual.

Lone Star says:

Wow! Skilled and beautiful all in one package!!

RuggedHomestead says:

Love the coop! Built my own a year ago and I would recommend adding a few more "steps" to the ramp to give the chickens more places to grip as they're climbing up and down. The angle may also be a little steep too. Looks great otherwise.

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