DIY Backyard Waterfall Full Project

DIY Backyard Waterfall Full Project

I did have some help from my Father-in-law and my wife, but for the most part, this was a one person job that I have worked on since 2009. I was quoted $28,000 for a much less backyard and waterfall feature. I did this for around $8,000.



Cynthia Castaneda says:

What color is the wood fence? It look fantastic

Eric Prosser says:

$5000 for the backyard only and yes, around the air conditioner too. I hired a contractor who was very reputable which is why the cost was $5K. If I knew some of the local crews, I could have had everything stained as well for the same price or $1000 less. I'm very happy with what they did!

DonCocos2d says:

Very nice backyard! Love the waterfall and patio… you said $5,000 for patio and that side concrete walkway by your air conditioner…? or is their more concrete in front of your house…

Eric Prosser says:

I did build the planters ahead of laying the plastic. Just plan what you want to do and best guess it. It's not rocket science as I guessed most of what I did. I had an idea, but the end result was nothing like I thought it would be. I expected much more white water, but this turned out pretty nice. The pump I bought from Amazon. Made some rough calculations on the pump and it works perfect. Hope that helps. Again, I guessed my way through this process and then enjoyed the work. 😉

Eric Prosser says:

Continued that all the way up the back and into a spillway I built out of wood I had laying around. Everything was just extra wood parts from various projects. The wood I covered with tar for an evaporative cooler tray. Once all the plastic was in place, I placed cinder blocks to create the basin. Covered the basin with cement board, then set all the stones I got from a local river. Started fromt he bottom and went to the top. Filled in small spots with small rocks. Used a 5500 gal/hr pump.

Eric Prosser says:

First, I started with a 4×8 sheet of backer board/cement board or whatever you call it. Mounted that with a couple of 4×4 posts in the ground. Dug a big hole in front of the board and piled the dirt up against the board. So there was the board and a slope of dirt down into the hole. I made it sort of stair step down into the hole, then lined the whole thing with black plastic I bought at Home Depot. One large piece that started in front, down into the hole, then up the stair section.

acnbn04 says:

How did you make that waterfall?

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