How to Make an Outdoor Steel Fire Pit | Modern Builds | EP. 73

How to Make an Outdoor Steel Fire Pit | Modern Builds | EP. 73

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Today on Modern Builds, I’ll show you how to make a custom steel fire pit with limited welding tools. All you need is a welder (obviously) and an angle grinder. I attached a 16″ by 16″ concrete paver for a simple concrete base to counterweight the otherwise top heavy bowl. This is only my second welding project and is really a simple DIY project for people new to welding. I plan on letting the pit sit outside for a while to get a nice patina, then adding a clear coat to protect it. If you plan on building this project be sure to check out the written article on my website for free plans and step by step instructions. Thanks for watching!

Written Article Will be Live Tomorrow:
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



Peter O'Connell says:

Great work. Welding looks fun. A coat of matt black chimenea/bbq paint and this would look even better

misuzia1 says:

Hey mike here's a tip for welding. When welding a bead make sure you weld backward and try to just barely move back and forth to create a even bead. I love your channel and what you do, I'm 16 years olds and your big inspiration to me, thank you for making content for minors like me to indulge in and learn. keep up the good work 🙂

Marco Garduno says:

How you get rid off the ashes ?

javier Costilla says:

Wats the hight of the pcs

Fabric8tion Nation says:

I'm building a metal fab shop in OKC I'd be happy to help. Come by and check it out. I enjoy your videos.

Oscar says:

I love wrangler

Gene E. Miller III says:

cool, getting a welder when i get a house, not easy around an apartment

Reagan says:

I didn’t know you were an okie!!!

Bryant Gomez says:

Do you think this project was more expensive than buying one already made?

Brett Surber says:

Looks great! I want to make one too

robbie ferraren says:

So how much was the sheet metal?

alennoxx says:

for a first time weld doesn’t look too bad!! biggest suggestion is shortening the distance from your gun & steel. looked like you were giving too much room between the 2, other than that didn’t look too shabby

Crave Craft says:

Well done Mike. I like the design and concept. Corners might look better if you use a patina or other method of darkening them up. Diresta has a variety of methods in his weld videos. Nice work!

Grant Wolfe says:

Hello, great video!!! Was wondering if you have had any rust issues with this being outdoors. Did you do anything to prevent rust in the future?

Paulina Lobato says:

Can someone explain to me why you need to add water to concrete and metal before drilling a hole into it?

Master5hake says:

What were the dimensions you used to cut out the side pieces?

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