Pt.1 Chevy C10 Build – My Next big project! – ABANDONED RUST?

Pt.1 Chevy C10 Build – My Next big project! – ABANDONED RUST?

Trevy’s Customs shirts! –
Introducing my next big build! This 1966 Chevrolet C10 short bed step side is an awesome barn find I found on my local FB marketplace classifieds listing. This truck was abandoned/forgotten about in the backyard and has not been registered for over 30 years!

This project truck is gonna be a great truck build for the channel I can’t wait to get started on this chevy buld and see how much rust is on it!



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Ionut Anghel says:

Just clear coat it! Put rust stop on the rusted parts and then clear coat it! It’s just perfect looking like that

maq mia says:

I got 1948 n I'm restoring the truck n it coming great almost finish it

maq mia says:

My man if I was you I would restore that car if you ever sell the truck you will get twice your back

TreachourusJdogg says:

What's the wheel base difference between the two? I LOVE the idea of the frame swap. And patina. I think this is going to be a killer build.

Kyle Singer says:

I’ve mainly been working in my own shop lately which you inspired me to do, but I’m defiantly gonna be watching this build!

Adam James says:

Patina, 4200 and bags?

dwayne powley says:

Cannot wait for this bro ! The trevy customs signs on the side would be freaking awsome !!

Andre Gross says:

Put a Vortec 4200 in it if the Envoy turbo works out well. Keep it a straight 6.

Robert Cushing says:

I'm leaning towards keeping the patina and restore the frame and mechanical underneath. Thinking a turbo LS would be really cool for this beautiful truck. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. πŸ‘

Mike says:

That's going to make an awesome build. Love your vids, and I hope you continue to do what you're doing I truly enjoy watching you fix vehicles up. You have a gift. And you need to keep the step side on it. That's one of the things most people love about the c10s.

Ricerguy says:

No matter the engine swap decision, that frame swap idea would be great for the long run.

Devin Buchhorn says:

def would be interesting to see that body on the Envoy chassis. All the modern tech with half the hassle.

Gino Winklaar says:

Uhhmmm… what about a 2JZ C10 ?????
And…. that original color is SICK !!! JUSK SOME COOL WHEELS THATS IT!!!
awesome project!!

Nacho Slave says:

That minty green looks like U.S. Forest Service paint.

Nacho Slave says:

Go ICON Derelict style with it.

Jeremy Minor says:

Ls turbo swap

Chase Berndtson says:

I think a whole resto would be sweet with a Texas speed ls

Andy Wilde says:

Turbo LS all the way. Keep the paint as is with a matt clear coat πŸ‘Œ. Watching from uk and have been for years. Jamie is still super pretty πŸ˜‚. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Andrew Bartleman says:

I think the 4200 vortec would be so cool. Make all the right sounds and also basically be a modern version of what the original drivetrain was back in 66

mikeymerrett says:

2nd the trevys customs on the door, keep the patina this thing is going to be the dopest truck out!! Step side burnout beast, I’m stoked for you man!

Nathan Hensley says:

LSA swap it please.

Dean Delgado says:

What happened to the 7.3 powerstroke van??

Marvin Pettaway Jr says:

Hell yeahhh! Turbo LS swap it bro and leave the vintage rust look

Eg2oreg6watuwan says:


BlackLinesMatter says:

Duramax Lbz in it would be pretty kicks ass. Find a complete truck, steal the roller and shorten the chassis, already has a good rear end and everything else. But sometimes simplicity is nice too. The 4.2 or turbo ls would be cool as well.

Ashley Tomkins says:

β˜†GMC chassis chop n swap 100%…β˜†

John Erikson says:

Oh yeah turbo LS so excited !

Rick Riggs says:

Do the 4.2l envoy swap that would be cool!!! Everybody does the turbo ls thing. Keep the truck with a manual transmission.

Dieter Manero says:

you should get in touch with alex from alex rebuilds, he's working on a c10 right now

Garrett Hobbs says:

You should put a duramax in the c10

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