Watch Before you Build your Pondless Waterfall Project

Watch Before you Build your Pondless Waterfall Project

Watch Carl Brooks transform his dream into a Pondless waterfall reality. My backyard is flat so I had to go vertical with my design. Plus I was restricted to the existing bed. My intent was to create a water feature to add an focal point in the backyard while masking the sound of the air conditioner and both goals were accomplished.

Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit (US):



andy okay says:

OMG don't walk with your camera and ZOOM OUT when showing off your waterfall. … Also, very good job, looks great. Very beautiful. . Seriously, much wider frame of view on your next project.

Rose Elley says:

What size pump did you use? Also I have some of the same questions as below – how long did it take you to complete this project? How do you winterize? How do you clean the water? Also, when you turn off the pump, where does the water go – is it down below in the eco blocks?

Rose Elley says:

I love the comment about your wife's plants. 🙂 Thoughtful of you!!

John Jeanne says:

How long did it take you to put it together? The wood and plants looks great as well; very nature look.

Christine Drozdowski says:

I have watched so many pondless waterfall videos….I think this one helped me the most! Thank you so much!

hissyfit4711 says:

Wow! Finished waterfall looks great! I'd like to do something similar but on a smaller scale in my yard. Great job!

Lorianna says:

Looks gorgeous! how do you clean the water later and how do you do wintercare?

The New American Landscape Channel says:

Excellent work guys! Mucho gusto.

gilly0228 says:

looks like to much flow. Are you able to slow the pump down? Looks good though……

Too Funny says:

i have been picking up rocks and shells since about the time i learned to walk . i am 52 now , and my mother still wore the oyster shell and bead pendent i made her when i was ten . she passed away in 2012 . i am currently doing a fence / rehab on my yard and will be using large rocks i have collected over the last nine years in my project . BTW Happy Hunting

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