DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #1 | DIY Home Decor | Room Decor

DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #1 | DIY Home Decor | Room Decor

Hi Everyone ! This is a DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #1. Great Home Decor and Room Decor DIY project. For Home Decor and Room Decor it can add a special sparkle to a room. Using Dollar Tree items such as the gold necklace beads, mirror, 14 inch plastic round tray, magnetic mirrors and putting it all together can make this DIY Dollar Tree project.

Materials used:
Please see my video on DIY mirror #4

*Need to make 4 DIY mirror #4 gold beaded mirrors (large mirrors)
-4 mirrors- Dollar Tree (without the frame the mirrors are about 8 inches)
-about 12 packages of 6 gold necklace beads – Dollar Tree
-4 — 14 inch round plastic tray – Dollar Tree

-6 magnetic mirrors – Dollar Tree
-about 6 packages of gold necklace beads- Dollar Tree
1 package of storage container (small size) – Dollar Tree
-jute cord – Dollar Tree
Hi Everyone! To add more strength to hang the mirrors add several hanging wires from a picture hanging kit using E6000.

-spray paint – Rustoleum PURE GOLD

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abc decorating paradise says:

Hi Everyone! To add more strength to hang the mirror add several hanging wires from a picture hanging kit using E6000.

Brenda J. Carpenter says:

Well done, well done!

cookiemix67 says:

This is amazing tfs I will make this!

Christopher Preye says:

Superb, Great wrk


Hi, what size are the big mirrors and where do you get them? ? ?

Odell Scarborough says:

I think a silver will pop more

Bethsheba Mattox says:


Rosamaria Mendoza says:

Looks expensive!!!!☺

Butterfly8593 says:

Awesome. Beautiful. I love watching your videos and listening to you explain.
Quick question, I notice that you always are working on your table on something that has a beautiful design/pattern.
Not sure if it's a mat or what it is. Reminds of India or something. Could you tell me what it is. Thanks

Renae McGahee says:

Beautiful!Β  I have to try this.Β  I have some round mirrors on my wall and they seem like they needed something.Β  This is perfect!

Elizabeth Qualseth says:

I thought she was Schmitty at first and I about shat myself

Diane Pernsley says:

how long did it take u a very pretty job. bless u.

Maylik Davis says:

I absolutely adore the project. this is the best.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Tammy B. Jones says:

this look amazing.

Nashonta Mcdowell says:

thus was so beautiful

WHY Not So Glam Pam says:

That is awesome.. I love Dollar Tree… So addicting. I also love doing DIY projects from there.
Great job.

Elegance on a budget says:

It turned out very nice…love the beaded look πŸ™‚

blondie warrior says:

Easy. awesome and inexpensive.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Real Beauty Real Food and Real Life says:

Great Idea…thank you for sharing ! Sj

Anita Commodore says:

very very cute!!! but may be the only one asking this but what is or how did you do your backdrop. If you could do a tutorial for that I would be forever greatfull πŸ™‚

veeziegirl says:

that really looks nice!!! tfs.

Deirdre Wallace says:

Great Job!Β  Thanks for sharing..

Andriel Gray says:

beautiful mirrors! I saw the exact mirror piece online and they wanted alot of mulah for it. I will be doing this for my home.

Jay Munee DIY says:

Wow it looks so nice! Beautiful job <3

MsTina'sEverything says:


Nahrin Kanno says:

Big thumps up πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Risa Sweeny says:

I love this! It's my next project!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Federico nicolas Andreoli says:

this is beyond fabulous . stunning

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