DOLLAR TREE DIY Wall Mirror | Best DIY Wall Mirror under $20

DOLLAR TREE DIY Wall Mirror  | Best DIY Wall Mirror under $20

Today I will be showing you my best dollar tree diy wall mirror for a cheap price. This dollar tree diy wall mirror for under $20 is the best deal from Dollar Tree DIY wall mirror projects. You will be pleased with this easy and affordable. You can find any of these products at your local dollar tree. This fun dollar tree diy is fun and simple. If you are looking for a cheap wall mirror under $20, this diy wall mirror for dollar tree is just for you. This is my best DIY wall mirror under @20 for dollar tree, and I think you would be truly happy of this DIY wall Mirror resluts. Check out the local Dolloar Tree around your town to create this fun DIY wall Mirror to lighten up your room, all under $20.

This is an easy diy project that you can complete under an hour, in which you will love because it is not time-consuming. Not only does this dollar tree diy project make great gifts, but they make great home decor as well. Again, you can find any of these products at you local dollar tree or any local store.

Products used in today’s video from Dollar Tree:
(3) Black poster Boards
(15) Mirror Frames

Other Products:
Hot glue gun:
Glue sticks:


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Music in Video:
Ocean eyes by Billie Eilish



Wendolina 78 says:

Wished my Dollar Tree sold mirror frames but they donโ€™t.

Erin Ellsworth says:

Am I the only one that cringed at the sight of cutting foam board with what looks like a steak knife?!?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Foam board is a poor choice for a backer…
(The cores are white!)

If you DO use it, hang the picture frames an inch or so over the edges of the board, that way you won't see it AT ALL!! It will look like it's 'floating' in a way…

Good idea, so-so execution.

Stephanie M says:

Good morning. I was actually wondering if it was pretty wobbly or if it holds up really well. I love the project and would LOVE to do this. It's cute

Kori Dove says:

The song that's playing is dope

thetacotart says:

Hi. Do you know of any other way to hang this from a wall other than to hot glue it to the wall?

Mandy Monotone says:

Love the song

Hannah hh says:

ocean eyes ๐Ÿ˜ great video, might actually give this a try! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Anjel Marie says:

Use gloves when laying down mirrors to prevent fingerprints

Esther Trejo says:

Very pretty.

Super Annie Oakley says:

I've bought a few of these mirrors & they're actually really pretty. And for a $1, that's a no-brainer. Do u think E6000 would be sturdier & safer on a piece of plywood to lean against a wall or something? Great idea!

Angela Camille says:

Y would you do the gluing on top of your white rug

Julene Allen says:

Just surprised you are using hot glue above your fur rug. ๐Ÿ™‚

Norma Spruell says:

Great job on my list to do thanks for sharing

Google Google says:

aMaZiNg! You have pretty good accuracy too without making lines! Kudos to ya!

Bayouma777 says:

Hi DaNi B:

I just found your channel. Great video! I may try this and personalize it a bit: I will place all the mirrors first, but center them, then put strips of bling wrap on the edges to create a border. But I will place the mirrors and bling wrap first to see how it looks before I actually glue it all down in case I like it better without the border because yours looks great! Thanks for sharing your idea. Let me sub and check our some of your other diy videos. Thanks again.

jaydah Harris says:

Wow,love this soo much, definitely subscribing ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

elizabeth elle says:

How do you get it to stay on the wall??

Carolyn Carlisle says:

I was really inspired by your floor mirror. Thank you. It turned out AMAZING!!!

lasonya williams says:

gonna make a couple to enlarge my office. Thank you

Chriscia Dilag says:

Thank you for sharing this ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks so elegant. I have a question tho, will the hot glue be strong enough to hold the poster board and mirrors?? Just want to make sure itโ€™s safe.

Help The Homeless! says:

If you wear latex gloves, it will eliminate having to go that extra step to wipe prints๐Ÿ˜‰

Morocco Travel Vlog says:

Great video
I subbed please check my channel Hope we can support each other,

Drake Drones says:

Can you give me the link to the song you used for this video. The original is very slow. Thank you

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