Thrifted Room Decor DIYs on a budget | Home Decor Ideas 2019

Thrifted Room Decor DIYs on a budget | Home Decor Ideas 2019

Hey guys, I hope you like these thrifted DIYs, these diy ideas are so easy and make really affordable room decor pieces

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i n s t a g r a m :
b l o g :
p i n t e r e s t:
t w i t t e r :

IKEA Hacks and DIYs playlist:

Hi, I’m Hermione and I love making DIY projects that are budget friendly and add a pop of colour to your life! Check out my videos to see more DIYs, hacks, lifestyle tips, motivational videos and more



Zarnab Tanveer says:

Hermione Chantal I love you so…much!!!!Can you pleaseeeeeee… to my shout-out πŸ˜πŸ’œ

SuperSonicSkyline says:

Love your videos Hermione! <3

Actually Alli DIY says:

Oh I for sure have DIY fails all the time. Usually I just roll with it or find a way to make it work. I rarely want to scrap a project because I already spent time and money on it!

Robyn Isobel says:

Your hair colour is absolutely stunning, loving the ideas might have to try some out 😊

JustCardsBy Sara says:

Due lux dogs to cute lol πŸ˜‚

Jessie Rose says:

I love that rope mirror. It's so pretty!

Mrs S says:

Love the floor cousion πŸ‘Œ

Arlynn em says:

Love the lamp! Just worried that the bulb with burn the rope lol

karen buckingham says:

Hi Hermione I love watching your videos and love all the DIY you did on this one x

Looming Nana says:

Love the mirror…only problem I have with braiding is it never comes out like I want it to.
The lamp shade reminds me of one I tried to do, that never got done. LOL Yours looks great. The floor cushion you made was fabulous. I would not be able to try it …

voguechic07 says:

Omg am I the only one who thinks you look like Emma Watson? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Revelo ideas Lowcost says:

Beautifull ideas!!

Cheryl Tibbit says:

You did a fabulous job of saving the lamp!!!! I hate to admit that I would probably have thrown it in the trash instead of trying again, but you didn't, and you made it great. I love the floor cushion also, and the tassels really made it look like a cushion that you bought in a store. I'm really impressed with the wire shelf too. You outdid yourself on this video. Loved it!!!

Samantha River says:

Wow. You are so creative and clever. Even after that lampshade DIY, you kept going. You came up with a new idea and you executed it BEAUTIFULLY. I love your perseverance and you always make such awesome DIYs. Thank you for doing what you do!

Paula Lusk says:

Really like you 'turn lemons into lemonade' attitude. And great projects! I may make your floor pillow for my granddaughters. Thank you for sharing.

Kaa La says:

In love with ur hair colorπŸ’•πŸ’•

Crystal White says:

Where did you get those scissors? I love them!

Karen Jiminian says:

The shelf would look cool hanging on wall but these diys are awsome

Pia Zimmermann says:


emmalou says:

Awesome cushion and the tassels really finished it off, nice one! :o)

JanaΓ­na C. Marques says:

I loved the cushion!!! OMG!

tissuepaperbutterfly says:

I LOVED the lampshade and the floor cushion!! Well done x

Paige Mull says:

πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hello friend! I dig the way the lampshade turned out! And a floor cushion is always in style! I own a small motel and want to update/change the look of the mirrors in the bathrooms. That braid with the twine is something that would go well in our beach themed room! Thanks for sharing my dear! β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’š

theQuietRebel says:

I really appreciate your honesty! DIY is all about trying things out, even if they might not work out the first, second or third time. It's real life!

Diy with Jojo says:

I have had a DIY fail on me on camera while I was shooting. I was trying out the hydro dipping technique for the very first time on camera. I had watched 10001 videos on the same so I knew I had done enough research. So when I dipped the clear vase in the water I had spray painted, the paints did not adhere to the vase. So i had to think on the spot and spray painted white on the vase before proceeding with the hydro dipping. So yes, DIYs do fail but we never give up. We just look for alternative ways to achieve what we want/. I love how you salvaged your DIYs.

Marianne Rady says:

I LOVE that you share your trials with us! (I don't want to call them fails bc you leared a lot doing them!) Thank you for being amazing, I adore your style and your videos and YOU BEING YOU <3

Sue Barker says:

Loved the floor cushion x

Eryn Shipley says:

that lamp turned out amazing!!

Holly Hasegawa Nielson says:

Thanks Hermione, this was a fun video to watch, I love how you jumped back in and salvaged the DIY fails, and the saves I feel were brilliant, and so cool. I have had more than my share of DIY fails, and after leaving them for a bit have jumped in and redone them because I'm not letting something get the best of me, I just needed some space to regroup. I loved the wire shelf with the wood shelf, and the floor cushion was so adorable. Thanks so much for this awesome video, it was a fun one to watch.

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