10 Car Mods BANNED in America!

10 Car Mods BANNED in America!

In this video, we discuss 10 Car Modifications That Are Actually ILLEGAL! All of these car modifications (“mods”) have banned somewhere in the United States.

Window Tint
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Rain man Jr says:

Holy shit did you see that smoke pouring out that white diesel truck…?

Nissan Tech says:

Guess he's mos def not from "illinoise"

Aaron Brainard says:

Actually “rolling coal” is done bu turning up the fuel and timing in turn makes u gain a lot of torq and horsepower if done correctly and with a few minor mods such as intake and injectors u could have increases in horsepower by 100 plus and more

J. M. says:

Did they create the diesel trucks with the rolling smoke or the rolling coal based on to hit up black lives matter and antifa demonstrators financed by the FBI. Liberals or in the street raising hell about who knows what Karen communist Flags burning the American flag and they get a mouthful and a faceful of the rolling coal I think that's pretty interesting

Happy Virus says:

Should it be ok to add twin turbo in my evo x?

Dan Gunn says:

I've seen pedestrians get smoked by diesel pickups. If someone smokes me it costs them one tire.

Andrez Canales says:

Air scoops ? Aka air filter on hood

markjolyn94 says:

California should be illegal

Denord Rerrie says:

Any and ALL forms of radar detectors are ILLEGAL in New York State.

woodyfive0 says:

Rolling coal is gayer than 3 guys fucking

Tom Rassier says:

What's the difference between illegal and highly illegal. Some of the mods were called illegal, and others highly illegal. I was thinking I don't want to get nailed with something highly illegal, but just regular illegal might be okay.

Classic Reddit Stories says:

$5000 fine just for rolling coal? God-dayymn!

dominicsue says:

Guess the nitrous mounted in my trunk is "highly illegal" good thing the popo never gets to see the trunk.

Nismo 4 Life says:

FYI it is legal to have a radar jammer in Texas, they even install them at car toys

Jacobs The Outlaw 2 says:

I got a truck that sits over 37 inch in the air n leds

Jason Gregorczyk says:

Don't know where you got your facts from but in Virginia it is illegal for radar detectors they will ticket you all day !!!!

Gene Floyd says:

I like how they talk about in America and show guys tinting windows in Australia
Funny, I'm a car enthusiast, but I don't need a radar detector

journeyquest1 says:

Didnt they ban the exploding tailpipe?

Terrell Hickman says:

Long tube headers are illegal?

Abyssal Red says:

i dont give a flying fuck lol

Derek Mills says:

My Cummins powered dodge once made 215 hp now makes about 400. Trowing a bucket of diesel in the fire takes only a second or 2
But when the turbo spools up…. the soot disappears, and the hand of God pushes me down the road.. lol

Christopher Jones says:

We have no freedom in America do we?

Ron Swanson says:

Bro I’ve seen 2 trucks lifted higher than the first lifted truck 😂

Watson Delmick says:

Vehicle mod laws in canada are so much better

Humberto Alvarado says:

What a wuzz

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