10 Most Stupid Car Modification (Fun)

10 Most Stupid Car Modification (Fun)

Ah, the automobile… Such a cool machine and there are so many things you can do to a car or a truck to make it much cooler. With all the cool aftermarket accessories out there that almost anyone can bolt on, there are a lot of nice cars out there. But for some, the normal modifications just aren’t good enough for them. Ever seen a car with enough power to beat a fighter jet in a race or a car with a pool table built into it? Then you’ve seen nothing yet… Check out some of these most insane car modifications.



maximus housley says:

Colin Furze isnt crazy hes cool

Andrew Fullington says:

Is this a kind of joke

Joe says:

Kb 325 is an idiot

Syed Afnan says:

How people can driving with water inside the car ? that is really bothering concentrate

Looperloop9045 YT gamer says:

At 4:35 the licence plate is madlab photoshop

Peari says:

The van and cars weren't in the same episode. Also the Toyota isn't a Nissan.


I think you are insane 😂😂

ichigozanghetsu says:

The twincharged camaro is nothing unique. Nissan did that with the stock nissan march/micra back in the late 80,s. Look up the nissan march super turbo. It has a little engine with a turbo and supercharger. And it came like that from the factory.

Jay-DJ- 06 says:

The loudest car stereo is the demo truck

That One Honda Guy says:

Title: 10 Most Stupid Car Modification.

These Mod's Aren't Stupid, Stupid = Fart Can, Amazon Wing And More Ricer Mod's, Not Very Well-Built Car's.

voxac30withstrat says:

I guarantee that the jet was not even trying to beat the audi it would all have been done as a marketing exercise.

KO Clutch says:

A Nissan pick up 😓it only says Toyota on the tail gate👏

James Cole says:

I like how they say the most stupid.

Criptarys Gamer says:

Who likes its a prirus owner and the neighbours…lel
WTF is this guy saying?!

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