6 Car Mods That Aren't Really "Mods"

6 Car Mods That Aren't Really "Mods"

I go on a random rant in the middle of the night to discuss car mods. these mods are not ricer mods. they are just the sprinkles on the cake when it comes to cars.

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Dustin Patte says:

Bruddah, these are all mod's, just cosmetic/convenience mods, not performance mods IMHO

TheFordGuy101 says:

That sprinkles thought really takes the cake

Alexander Dotzko says:

The way I look at it is there's performance mods and cosmetic. As long as you know which are which you're fine.

Luis Vazquez says:

You have a mustang that’s why you diss on civics 🤔😂, there’s a difference between a show car than a ricer 👌

Drew Peanuts says:

It looked like you were getting on the 605 at Peck Rd.

chowderhamlincoln112 says:

I haven't heard people call individual decals mods. I've heard a rollcall (set of decals down a window/sponsor list for the laymen) be called a mod because "well, they get expensive and i had to put time into what i wanted on the rollcall"

larry Zeldin says:

There is different kind of mods… performance mods,visual mods etc etc

I think anything that’s added to a car that it didn’t come with from factory is a mod. Mod=modification right?!

LLoyd Miller says:

Weather guards help with the aerodynamics.

Fattie McFat says:

i have window guards on all my windows
even the windshield
gets all the ladies

Justin_heelflips says:

Come on drew stickers add 5 hp bro

Gabe Tinney says:

We need a video on “rich ricers” you know those guys that buy high end cars and give them the old auto zone transformation.

Stormboxer says:

Next video calling ricer owners on Craigslist

Bladed Angel says:

I made a video like this and my comments were filled with, "YoU cAn'T tElL mE wHaT tO dO cUz YoU oWn A MoOsTaNg"
No matter how much you try to not offend, people still get offended anyway 😂

Satoa Pendragon says:

At 5hp per sticker that’s some cheap hp mods. I better start repping everything. 😂

rtrueblooda says:

I didn't de badge my car someone stole the badges off 🙁

CanningPetto says:

It's ok Drew. Tinted windows should only be used by experienced drivers anyway 😉

Ryan Miller says:

You are toxic

Fat Knuckles Productions says:

I have 1 sticker on my back window “HELL ADMIT ONE”

310smoker says:

customizing is not modifying

lovescoop says:

Damn having second thought on color matching my interior with a rattle can on my Dropped truck 💀💀😂

Sander Ognedal says:

How many times are you gonna explain this

Stephan D says:

Collab with Bladed Angel

Alejandro Jerez says:

No Drew Peacock you next mod must be those breaks, what a shame stock breaks egh!

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