Building an 18′ flat trailer car carrier/hauler with dove tail project part 5 DIY FINAL)

Building an 18′ flat trailer car carrier/hauler with dove tail project part 5 DIY FINAL)

Finally finished this trailer. It was fun and I learned a good bit about trailers, welding and a few other things I can’t think of right now.



Anonymous Rated says:

I would give you an A rating without a doubt….its looks amazing!

Rich Sargent says:

Looks good! Nice job!! Right about the axles. I never go back any further than 1 foot of center. Most of mine are 3"s back of center!!

redonefpvracing says:

Don't let know ones shit talking get to you.. at least you had the balls to build your own trailer

Carl Schmiedeke says:

You can still move the Axel's so I asked in you unfinished video what but there was no way for you to know yet , so now that it's done , what's the total weight, but great job

K SS says:

great project 👍👍👏

PrisonEarth says:

very nice trailer, you could try some torsion bars in front to take some tongue weight off

manuel rivera says:

That trailer is beautiful man. Good job.

MattsPlaysHD says:

Know this is like 4 years later, but how does the trailer hold up by now?

Jay.S says:

How much to build something like this ?

oldtimer4567 says:

What? You'd give it a "'C" or "D"?! Based on what I'm seeing, I'd give the design & build an "A". I would've give it an "A+", but that blue just don't suit the trailer, in my opinion…lol.

Ahmad Al Amoudi says:

Cheers from Saudi Arabia
Thanks for sharing this videos. I really watched all the 5 parts & enjoyed every single moment of em. Now that's what I call a kick@$$ DIY project. Added to favorite already for future planning.
My hats off to you dude 🙂

Lon Del says:

beautiful build

SV Quantus says:

Thanks for putting the video together. Learned a lot

Harry Dutton says:

when i move to america your building me one for my chevy Truck.

Billy d says:

been planning a similar build with strap/chain storage in the dove. excellent job man

Dan Murphy says:

why would 6 people thumb down on this??? I like to meet them in person!

Tracy James says:

Heck yea, how's it pull? Damn good job thanks for the ride along!

redsaw 90 says:

love it …our voices are a lot alike lol

Juice Box says:

I want to build my own now.

LaMarcus Brown says:

great build. be bless!

Official Kamakazi says:

how much total invested do you think in the build

Anh Cao says:

real nice build guy, can you help me build ultility trailer with long ramp tail gate?

steve billow says:

very nice job. what was your way of centering the axles and how far back are they.

Aidan Nina says:

Good build just not digging the color and not digging the rap hanging out good job though

John Spencer says:

That trailer looks stout. Nice job!

SilentOneCorajuda13 says:

Very good job man. I wanna build trailers myself and sell them.  But so far, its just an idea.

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