Current CAR MODS on the G35!

Current CAR MODS on the G35!

Just a video of what I have done so far to my car. Much more to come so stay tuned!

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Damian DC5R says:

You had a joint in your hand

Arturo Sanchez says:

What type of Diffuser do you have on the G??? 😩😩

Cartroversial Inc. says:

I just installed mine last night on my g37. Went with starry brand halos. Made a little 3 minute video outside in day time as that's when they get the most use. Over 300 colors and patterns , I'm a happy customer. Any type of lights like in the video here are worth buying. They make any vehicle stand out . Try not to fall in love with them

Joey161 says:

I got a 2017 fiesta se. Lol I know should have gotten the st. But I'm just doing cosmetic stuff. Plus their isn't much out there for fiesta. Gonna wait 2 years so I can trade it in for another car. Hopefully a focus st or something fast.

69Dillinger says:

Double sided tape for your rear defuser nice headlight 😉

Conkers Squirrel says:

dayyuumm girl those lips

Eriixk says:

Can I have your number oh my god 😍

gunnar Marr says:

power not appearance for me 2003 g35 coupe intake,big bore throttle body NWP, 1/2" plenum spacer, mrev2 manifold, non res test pipes, y pipe, muffler delete, coolant to throttle body cut off, yaw rate sensor kill switch. oh and i got a jdm headunit and single deck stereo with factory 280 watt boss amp

Marco Puebla says:

Wow you're so pretty and gangsta for doing your own work. Not to many girls will do there own work keep it up preciosa.

Alan Slim Jones says:

Nice g35 an u are pretty 2 me!

Edgar Garcia says:

nice car but fix that rear bumper…

David M says:

Hey could u tell me where u bought your halos. I'm going to replace my headlights soon and I love those. Also how much were they?

thizzface says:

Cold air intakes are good. the only thing that most dont realize is you suck engine heat back in if you dont use a heat shield around the filter. very counter productive. I picked up a household air duct from lowes to re-route the air passage. you go from cold air to cold air RAM

thizzface says:

nice mods for dummies rant 🙂 tell em like it is. One thing i highly advise to all G owners is one most very important performance mod/fix is an oil catch can and PCV valve replacement. This prevents oily air recycling back into the intake manifold and pools of oil collects over time. This mod will not throw codes if installed correctly. the overall goal for this is to reduce burning oil and prevent pooling and most importantly will help the car last forever. good luck

miguel pascual says:

are you single?👀

Herb Sales says:

you need real legit rims.

Herb Sales says:

cosmetics is an insult to the manufacturer. LOL jk

Herb Sales says:

no need tinted taillights.

Des M says:

I think air intakes don't make a difference unless you can get more air in but the engine bay is closed and not much air goes in only what goes through the cycle but it needs more cool air and it seems to be to much warm air mines a 2005 sedan and at the moment my electric fans stays on Untill I put in AC module controler so my AC turns on at a certain temperature or stays on when cars on

Subject Hazam says:

Where did you get the Key fob you don't have the old one anymore.

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