DIY Car Projects: Chassis Mount Wing pt 2

DIY Car Projects: Chassis Mount Wing pt 2

IN this episode The wing gets mounted!



SW20 says:

Can I give you a tip. I'm being kind here not nasty. If you set your focus manually to what you want the camera to look at first then film the shot things will look a lot better. Kinda makes me think my eyes are fucked when it's all hazy. Nice car by the way.

DIY Car Projects says:

For everyone who has asked, the second song is called Jeff 'n' Andy by Jeff Kaale & Andrew Applepie

Tommy Liu says:

what's the song near the end of the video?

Arthur Klein says:

Where's part 3

Phillip Schwoerer says:

where did you get the spoiler from? ebay??

Captain HorsePower says:

This is a great tutorial!!

Christoffer Thage says:

When is part 3 up?


to bad you didnt bend the bottom of the two center piece to make a 90 degree brackets instead of the ones you put on. A little heat and a vice and bang away. I'd take the stock spoiler off. Not bad man.

Tscosplay says:

Take commissions??


Looks so sick!

philippe maes says:


Al O'Neill says:

Part three bro? Come on

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