DIY Car Projects: DIY Chassis Mount Wing Tutorial Pt 1

DIY Car Projects: DIY Chassis Mount Wing Tutorial Pt  1

I couldn’t find a diy write up or video on how to make a chassis mount wing anywhere on the internet. In this series of videos I’m going to show you how I made a chassis mount wing on a budget.(hopefully) I love the way they look so I figured I’d give it a shot! So far so good, Subscribe to watch how this build turns out!



SW21 Sharky says:

how was the strength with it mounted there? is it plastic?

avugiak says:

Your doing a good job, I'm thinkin- will buy a wing like that for my mr2!

OM&M says:

what type of metal did you use

Nigel Kelly says:

Awesome to see another Alabamian , where you from ?

weeb pest control says:

sexy mr2 🙂


I like this style wing, dont get me wrong. I just think its too loud for me, unless I'm doing time attack racing. I think its gonna look ridiculous on your car. But its your car and that the beauty of doing what you want to your car. Also, I wanna give you props for making it out of thick gauge steel, thats preety cool.

PINKpanther Gaming says:

Ah that mr2

Kevin Yang says:

finally an mr2 build!!

javier escontrias says:

1/4" aluminum plate would work for the brakets.

SprungCookie81 says:

I like your mr2

Rico_e46_m3 says:

you don't know if it's metal or plastic? c'mon man

Samuel Sanchez says:

sooo…. shitty….

Sky Ray says:

There were a lot of things that you could have done to make the process easier and more accurate but you will learn things like that and get more of an eye for it as time goes by. Otherwise good job. Oh yeah…and remember wd40 is not a lubricant it is actually a water displacement solution hence the name wd.40. I would suggest investing in some good cutting oil. You will save work time because it will cut faster and you won't eat through so many blades and drill bits.

azraeli says:

too many clips of cutting


nice video man! can't wait to see the finished project.

Hunter Overby says:

b is for build lol

Jake DeBusk says:

That Barber's tag.

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