Final Items To Complete My Truck Project

Final Items To Complete My Truck Project

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Fluid Service, winch install, paint and body, and interior. When you put it like that is sounds like a lot more work than it is?
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Josh says:

dog looks like it has had the shit beat out of it ….was that bred in to it?


This type of tow trucks are already exist in my country from ages

Mike Le says:

Any dealer can flash the ecu

lowrthnu92 says:

buying another tuner wont work, those handheld tuners save the OEM calibrations before it flashes the ECU with the new ones

TheFlyinlow23 says:

We tune trucks because they make crazy power and are as practical as possible. The ultimate daily's. Source: 400HP 01 Powerstroke.

Dj. AsAsIn says:

You have tow mirrors already you can extend the mirrors out and in with the button on the door …

Aaron Morgan says:

That truck has tow mirrors. You press a switch and they extend out

Sptsmn700 says:

Why tune a truck? More power, better gas mileage, more reliable (delete kits), better at towing. Plus who wouldn't want to blow the doors off a sports car at a stoplight.

Adriansitos623 says:

You should reconsider ditching the tune. I bet that they changed the shift points in the tranny because we all know about the 1-2 shift in these trucks being crap and breaking the clamshell in them. If you ditch the tune, you can get it done remotley. Don't you already have a Gm aldl cable?

Bailey Jones says:

Please get a license plate that says something that abbreviates spaghetti

one4house says:

Rob, be sure and check the wheelbase. If you were on a cement highway, sometimes the segment spacing can line up with the wheelbase of the truck and cause the rhythmic hop you are talking about. I used to drive a 30' box truck between Colorado Springs and Denver. The truck would hop to the point you thought it was going to shake apart. It just so happened that the wheelbase and the highway segments had even spacing and that is what caused it.

Pat says:

U allowed to use presidential seal?

Hans Ahola says:

Use raptor liner itโ€™s way more durable

aldrimduramax says:

Rob , look up Greg_a on YouTube. He is actually local sort of to you. I think he can show you, teach you and help you about all the things diesel. And he has connections to help with the tunning

joe Doe says:

Dude you seem depressed, what happened? ?

joe Doe says:

What happened to your podcast?

TADionysus says:

easy way to return it to stock is to buy from a junkyard the ecm from an identical truck that has the same engine and tranny then you can buy a bully dog tuner and tune it how you want

Ryan says:

I would've voted, but no options mentioned spaghetti, so I couldn't. ๐Ÿ™

Chris Marek says:

Normally the flash tuner used to tune the truck should have took an image of the stock programming of the ECU before it installed whatever custom tune was selected. But I'll bet you don't have that tuner Mr. Feretti, so you will most likely have no choice but to either take the truck to a dyno shop or The dealer to have it put back to stock.

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