How to make MINI Electric Mouse CAR easy Science Project For KIDS DIY

How to make MINI Electric Mouse CAR easy Science Project For KIDS DIY

How to make MINI Electric Mouse CAR easy Science Project For KIDS at home by DIY Ocean – DIY crafts projects from mouse

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👇Materials used in the video with buying links 👇
9V battery
Battery clip connector
on/off switches
connecting wires
dc motor
super glue
black insulation tape

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Creative Things says:

I have like and subscribe to your channel

Bhavana M says:

it's amazing very useful for kids …it's helps a lot for the kids to do better projects..

Doctor Crazy Max says:

thanks man , your video is very helpful
I got in my school project A grade
thanks alot

Abighna Gaming says:

Can we do this with any kind of mouse?
Plz reply like of hp or IBM

Om Gupta says:

sir we are making this in our science project if it will success i will like this video and subscribe u r channel

Joker 51 says:

What's the white small tube??

Head Computer Applications says:

Not working

Vaibhav Karki says:

will we use useless magnet or useful magnet

Bindu Mehta says:

What is it's principal

fatimagohar47199 says:

this project went too fast and didn't even show any hypothesis or anything and he didn't explain anything.

ali AHMAD says:

Plz provide cheaper materials in the info cuz they were so expensive and we need cheap desi material


hahaha creative


hahaha creative

Neelam Agarwal says:

whao very nice idea i also make this

Shakil Akhtr says:

God bless the inventer of this video

Shakil Akhtr says:

Great idea. Cool brain

WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds says:

What is the name of this thing 3:12 when he use tell me plz

Golu Acharya says:

Amazing idea

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