Ultimate DIY auto project – Pagani Zonda built from scratch

Ultimate DIY auto project – Pagani Zonda built from scratch

A car enthusiast has built spent five years building his own version of a £1 million supercar using scraps parts bought off eBay. Nick Truman was hoping to make a coffee table out of an old Jaguar V12 engine he bought for £89. But when he realised the engine was too big he decided to create a replica of the 200mph Pagani Zonda supercar. Over the next few years Nick, 53, spent thousands of man hours creating his own take on what is regarded as one of the great modern motors.



Otto Potto racer says:

drink Alkohol looks better!

joe w says:

Glittery piece of shit! Quit

Juan Whitaker says:

Man if Mr Pagani sees this, he would probably throw up for about the same time you spent doing this!!

Jonathan Voss says:

this car looks like shit

Laith Musmar says:

You to ugly that your mom can't get divorce

Ian Graham says:

That's scandalous looking lol But hats off for the effort, a bit of tidying on the body work, straighten out those curves, and tbh, it would look pretty fantastic!

FastCarsNoRules220 says:

If only the real Zonda actually had scissor doors…

Bowel Movements Central says:

Needs a little more refining but it looks solid other than that.

Jakub Fischer says:

ty vole to je hnus,chudak auto

Davysmoke says:

It looks like the car from father ted when he tried to fix one little dent with a hammer then dented the whole car. Fair play for tryin to make the replica but you need to be able to cut in a straight line. The bodywork is absolutely horrendous

Dennis Palmeri says:

this is absolutely awful

luis castillo says:

hahaha that thing is leaking.

brian richard brown says:

exellent car,i reckon with a few more zonda trimings and a new paint job it will be awesome.

Andre Sapsford says:

Good thing you made yourself a prototype, too bad they already made a Pagani Zonda. No really, thumbs up for trying. Now maybe you should call the Top Gear guys and get the Stig to do a speed lap in this MoFo 😉

Meddie Diablo says:

The interior is pretty accurate but it's still as bit shit

Robbie Beresford says:

Nick. I found your thread on madmechanics and spent a good  few hours going through it. You've clearly put a hell of a lot of effort into the build and had plenty of bad luck with the jag lump and the 2 audi engines, not to mention moving all your stuff half way across the world. You've done stuff far outside the scope of the average car enthusiast, and for that i respect you for. I would like to make an apology for my brash comments and say i am sorry. I will be honest and say i saw this video and just said what i thought at the time. It wasn't until i looked at how much blood, sweat and tears that actually went into the thing that i felt increasingly guilty of my comments and so here i am looking a right prat. Sorry nick

Robbie Beresford says:

Should have told us the ferrari was a replica instead pmsl

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