Wireless Electric Car, Experimental science project

Wireless Electric Car, Experimental science project

Wireless Electric Car
step by step video tutorial will be available at http://paksc.org/pk keep in touch.
See also DIY homemade wireless power transmission http://goo.gl/qB8Edw
powerful Wireless electricity transfer project http://goo.gl/SYzM7g



Megat Asyraf says:

hello can you teach me the detail about wireless electric ca

The Ultimate Driver says:

circuit diagram?

Shrikrishna Gavhale says:

Very nice but you should tell how you made

Yallavula Srikanthreddy says:

what is the power of capaciter u used and u used transister also na

Yallavula Srikanthreddy says:

can u tell me components you used …..please

Yallavula Srikanthreddy says:

can i know how to make it

Muhammad Saeed says:

how to make

guled Hassan says:

would u be able to tell me the components which were used

Khant Nyar Paing says:

Circuit diagram pls…… i really need it

Tony Stark says:

My motor is not rotating….. Do i need to use a diode bridge to convert ac to dc??

Brooks Yeager says:

Tesla's idea is better, give it a look!

Wes says:

this video made me smile from ear to ear. imagine having this in the roads, and electric vehicles in a real world application!

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