1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod Project – Insane Pro Touring Build

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod Project – Insane Pro Touring Build

This ’65 Mustang project began as a bland and slightly disheveled Fastback. The plan would be a nicely refined ’65 utilizing an RS full FAST TRACK IRS chassis and Ford 5.0 ‘Aluminator’ motor coupled to a Tremec T-56, some subtle styling tweaks, modern interior refinements and materials combined with the new underpinnings should make for a great all round pro touring car. Highly capable, comfortable and stylish. First task as always, full tear down and sandblast to see what we find…

Built by:
Roadster Shop
28775 N. Rte 83
Mundelein, IL 60060

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1965 Ford Mustang Restoration (Restomod) Pro Touring Build

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Frankie Teague says:

The music was as insane as the car. Awesome job.

MrArty250 says:

Never seen such quality and detail in such a car . Ford man through and through . My ideal conversion for my falcon xc .
Must say unbelievable quality well done and respect .

eagle boy says:

Awesome build and in under 15mins to do all that…..

simwebdk says:

yet another classic ruined! 🖕🏻

Ga 79 says:

Cazzo bella veramente

lourival teodoro says:

Que Maravilha de carro,muito belo,belíssimo

tscooter22 says:

That's a whole lotta love right there. This car is perfect, color and all! Great build.

nicholasdoran says:

Bringing a classic to the 21st century in a way that rivals newer cars today. I love it.

Alex Yu says:

Это НЕ реставрация. Работа сделана "спустя рукава", по типу "лишь бы выглядела хорошо"

Dean Waring says:

Beautiful work

bodipsypha says:

What a beauty!

Amandine Adam says:

Rapidly cigarette failure kdmsd credit wealth piano German national.

Martin Puentes Jimenez says:

cuando no haya en qué gastar el dinero¡

Riberto says:

A class act. Very, very nice!

Shan Hussain says:

That paint 😍😍😍

Thomas Burns Plastering Services says:

What a beautiful build. If I ever win the lottery I'll be over to see you boys and put an order in 👍

Jonathan Davenport says:

Amazing build and well captured

Gerald Parker says:

Is that a factory color or custom mix? If factory what's it for and years..

grabir01 says:

Awesome.. But I miss the original…

elvis souza says:

Projeto incrível.
Parabens aos envolvidos


Help to John Wick please 🙂

Evan Utterback says:

And That Just Happened! What a Beautiful, Dark Metallic Blue! Absolutely Impressive! Well Done!

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