1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS Project – Full OEM Restoration

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS Project – Full OEM Restoration

After sitting since 1995, this rare Z28 Chevy Camaro arrived for a full OEM restoration. The numbers matching LT1 was still present in this amazing survivor that spent its whole life in California. MetalWorks took the Z28 from ground zero of acid dip through a full factory restoration.

Built by:
1045 Arrowsmith St.
Eugene, OR 97402

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Алишер Каримов says:

Шедевр !!

前田日明 says:

A huge amount of incredible metal job.
With respect but buying a new car comes so much cheaper.

ivan says:

panel gaps and alignment – big no no

Rooster's Garage says:

Restoration looks good! Just one question, why did you put the stripes on after the clear?

Matthew Gerhardt says:

Hoooolllleeeeeee faaaaccckkk boys throw some hair on it and shut the lights off that thing is minty 👌 Kind of miss the jump cut to the 3 miles of welding and what not but that's just the way she goes 😏

393 312KG says:

Xelo kg 312

Фарафонов Павел says:

Белые полосы по моему лишние… А так ништяк )))👍

Игорь Милюков says:


Gonzalo Nieto says:

This videos are gettig better and better, always enjoing it

Alex Rd says:

Lindo trabalho parabéns…

alexandre bolan says:

Financia p Brasil..!!!😎😎

Xavier Ancarno says:

Nice to see some OEM restoration.
Sometimes modern doesn’t means better

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