1972 AMC Javelin Restomod Build – Muscle Car Project

1972 AMC Javelin Restomod Build – Muscle Car Project

This 1972 AMC Javelin named “Defiant” is arguably the wildest custom vehicle design ever built by the Ringbrothers.
When Prestone approached Ringbrothers about the idea of building them a vehicle, the Rings already had a canvas in mind – a 1972 Javelin that had been rolling around their home town for over four decades. With an extremely compressed 12 month timeline, they decided to rely heavily on Solidworks digital design tools to render the car’s new panels, which were then brought to life in their machine shop and carbon fiber facility. They extended the Javelin’s wheelbase by moving the wheels forward six and a half inches. The car’s distinctive wheel arches were moved forward and recreated in carbon fiber to pair with a new hood, front fenders, grille and front valance. Other custom details include tail lights, bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories all machined out of blocks of aluminum at the Ringbrothers facility. To finish the look of the car and highlight the body work, the exterior of “Defiant! is coated in a rich, BASF Glasurit color named “Jalop Gold.”


Engine: Wegner Motorsports 6.2-liter Hemi (1,036 hp)
Forced Induction: Whipple 4.5 Liter Supercharger
Transmission: Chevy 4L80E Automatic
Suspension: Detroit Speed Hydro Formed Front Sub
RideTech shocks, Detroit Speed front sway bars
Brakes: Baer six-piston calipers front & rear
Wheels: HRE Performance Wheels 20” x 11” & 20” x 13”
Tires: Michelin 285/30/20 & 335/30/20

Built by:
E4829 US Highway 14
Spring Green, WI 53588

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Ringbrothers Unveil AMC Javelin at 2017 SEMA Show
-by: SEMA Show

Prestone Products Corp.



宅男本性 says:

OMG, she is so sexy I wish I could buy it, but I don't have so much money 😭😭😭😭😭

Cent Alshgawi says:

just WOW 😍

Ageu Ferreira says:

Krak mano,😮 q top ficou esse carro, lindo d+. Parabéns a tds.✌🏿

Змей Горыныч says:

Нет слов 👍👍👍👍👍

Еденица Сознания says:

You are my favorite Chanel. Gods of tuning

/# says:


Evren Velizade says:

Sooooooo coool man

john doe says:

Wow ! Made a pretty dopey looking car Bad Ass!

Piotr Stefaniak says:

the electric motor for adjustment of mirror is from vw golf mk5 😀

Mitch Castle Wood says:

Amazing cars, americans muscles cars are the most beautiful car on the earth and you upgrade them your style is unbelievable and you creat the perfection car every project you build 😉

Stan TheObserver says:

Why destroy a car so close to stock so as to make yet another Chip Foose imitation? Why don't you guys just go fiberglass and leave all the old cars alone?
Even Foose cranks out the same thing over and over.

Presidente Eisenhower says:

Si quedó bastante nalgón

Сергей Теник says:


P K says:

Not keen on muscle cars but this is sublime, outstanding craftsmanship.

Hemi Power says:

With limited resources, but with the right design, impressive range of V8 power and pinpoint marketing strategy, AMC could take on the much bigger competition and hold its own in the showroom with the Javelin . Produced from 1968-74. You ether like them or hate them . But this is a beautiful restoration of a muscle car as it should be.🚙

armadillo platypus says:

Such a shame, a complete desecration of an AMC Javelin. There is so little of the original vehicle left it should not even be called by it's original name.

John Morrow says:

Beautiful car without any mods my brothers friend had one .

JackFogos says:

The car looks beautiful af, amazing job with everithing… but that's a modified car not a restoration, anyway looks a lot better than the original.

gdub454 says:

Why would the Ring Bros fix up a 72 Javelin…gotta be the ugliest muscle car from the 70's..those bubble front fenders are just hideous..guess they wanted to challenge themselves is the only thing I can think of…

LaserMantis says:

How much do these restomods run for?

Keno Gster says:

As Tuco from Breaking Bad would say, That is Tight Tight Tight!

Johan Bouwer says:

Fantastic job

Sanji San says:

nunca mais andaria em outro carro. impecável e lindo demais!

Young MBX CB 150 R says:

อู่นี้ ทีไหนกัน ครับ

Børge Nøst says:

Gobsmacking! They made it look so much better than the original. I hope they do a C3 Corvette some day.

somarf says:

Also, who are the 2 Prius drivers that down-voted this?!

Непокорный Правдоруб says:

Ona nereal'no ohuenna

somarf says:

Mad Max, your car is ready for pick up, your car is ready for pick up. GORGEOUS car!

J and K White says:

Always loved this car…always hated the front wheel arches lol. Great job lads

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