Garage Project (Part-2) The LED Conversion, Clean up, Set Up

Garage Project (Part-2) The LED Conversion, Clean up, Set Up

Part 2 is finally done, took me a couple of days in between shifts and getting over a stomach flu to make some progress. So far things are looking good and i can finally get to one side of the Eleanor Project, but this is just a start and it should only get better from here on since i wont need to be doing any garage upgrading in order to continue cleaning. As long as i put things with a plan above the garage ill be golden for years to come.

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Vince K says:

Nick get a 8550w-led opener. Will help you out a lot with lighting. They just came out.

Beth Riley says:

What would u charge to build me a Eleanor?

ВАСИЛИЙ Авраменко says:

А можно нескромный вопрос,ты за всё время сколько мустангов восстановил?

ВАСИЛИЙ Авраменко says:

Я у себя зашёл в сарай закрыл глаза и сказал 3.2.1 открываю глаза и нифига не изменилось,как у тебя так получается?

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

Garage is looking great

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

Great video nick

Orrprose Gaming says:

Please do eleanor the factory color and no body kits except the factory one, it lasted this long just restomod the engine and everything but the body just restore the body i think you'll like the look


Hey Nick you should take the 8' strip fixtures and put them up in the attic. That's what I did. It's awesome to see everything in the attic instead of using a flash light. By the way i work for a lighting company here in Florida 30 plus years lighting is my life lol .

Butch Cassidy says: these are worth it an saves you time to an man you will love the light out put, everything will come into the future before your eyes

Stephen Caine says:

$4.99? What a bargain for "Amber Vision"!

HELLCAT 326 says:

Lol my room is more messy than your garage

BlackLocustPatriot says:

Great video! I'm looking forward to more on it, but especially to the Eleanor build!

STEVE says:

Looks classy! Be ruthless about getting rid of stuff, all those things are just taking up useful space.

A K says:

pull every thing out, sort the stuff you need and get rid of rest, i does it every year though i have very less space to look after.

Michael McGregor says:

Awesome job on the lights Nick. Looks so much better already. Where did you say you got those lights. I need to get me some..

Iain F says:

Proud of you Nick 👍 so well done 👏😎 great to see the car. The Led look fantastic especially using the camera, it should make a lot of difference to the quality of the videos.

Derek Williams says:

Love those lights and I can't wait to see the Stang get build

Ki777UMiNATii says:

Led infamously more dim than their described output on the label, always buy brighter. Looks good man the addition of the 3 and the 2 center ones was a smart move.

Peter Ptak says:

The lights look great! Cant wait for part 3

brody smith vlogs says:

Hey Nick how is your day going

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