Making new Epoxy Floor for Garage Shop – DIY

Making new Epoxy Floor for Garage Shop – DIY

For last few weeks I’ve been working on my garage shop upgrade. Here is first part where I’m doing epoxy floor for half of the garage (can”t make it whole at once bcs don;t have space where to hide all my stuff ). It’s fairly simple so u can DIY πŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments bellow what do u think about if and it’s worthy to spend time and money on it πŸ™‚ Also sorry for the audio lost for few seconds πŸ™



IbeSyke says:

I have no patience for prep work but I enjoy seeing other people do it lol

Stephen McAllister says:

i love speed up videos especially when i add 2x more to it.
Also, did you decide to paint the walls after? video Link?

killatron 5000 says:

As an epoxy floor installer myself, I can really appreciate all the hard work that went into your floor. Looks nice, maybe invest in a s26 vac next time though hahaha

leboucdetrambly says:

Did you do the other half of the garage or had you planned to stop there? I was always wondering how you work in a stop point and then do you do the next area several days later?

Ruben Zikarsky says:

'Dust Free'


Can u please give detail material use

Lars Grimstad says:

Did you do the other half as well ?

Omar Comin’ says:

I just fell in love…

tee says:

Wait you used polyurethane construction glue as the caulking?

tee says:

Love watching you work. Your so throughout and detailed like me. I wished you lived next store so you could help me :/

Rafael Torres says:

Well, It was worth it. You have a nice floor to work on. Also gives a nice finish to you garage/shop. Part of your job is presentation too πŸ™‚

Rafael Torres says:

"dust free" haha.. Nice one mate! Nice job!

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