Raspberry Pi 2 – Home Security Alarm System (Learning Prototype)

Raspberry Pi 2 – Home Security Alarm System (Learning Prototype)

Something I did randomly while learning the Raspberry Pi 2. It started off with just an LED and Buzzer, and then it grew into this monster. I have to disassemble it soon for other learning projects, so I just thought of making a video of it before I take it apart.

I may rebuild this in future with a more optimized design once I learned up I2C.

The parts I used to make it:

– Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
– 4×4 Membrane Keypad
– 1602 LCD
– Magnetic Door Contact Sensor
– Vibration Sensor
– Sound Sensor
– PIR Motion Sensor
– Raspberry Pi Camera
– Trimmer Potentiometer 10K
– Buzzer
– 2 x 1K ohm Resistors
– 1 x 330 ohm Resistor
– Full-size Breadboard
… and lotsa lotsa jumper wires.

Note: I’m not from Electronics background, I just learned all these on my own from the Web.



Gurinder Singh Chatha says:

could you share the code please?

george bobaianu says:

Cam you send me the code and schematic please?

Shakil Hussain says:

can you share the code and schematics please?

Mika van Dusseldorp says:

can you send me the code, manual and schematic?

Turnip says:

I tough it was a robot speaking

Gerhard says:

Congratulation !! Top System !!😉👌

Tonyfa says:

Perché non fornisce schema e img della sd. Sono certi che molti donerebbero soldi, sopratutto se fatto per più modelli di raspberry

Abhishek Suresh says:

Amazing work!!!! Can I have the code?

r1273m says:

I think this is an excellent introductory project and he will have learned a lot from it. A comment he made was that there were few GPIO pins left. It would be possible to save 4 of these by using the LCD in 4-bit mode rather than 8-bit mode. I2C is for the more advanced user which is probably where he is now! For the critical commentors, remember it is a learning tool, not a practical, commercial implementation.

filozof71 says:

Congratulations for the project and good movie. Thanks.

duffmann2 says:

DO you have a link for the schematic and code?

Jay.S KM says:

็Hello,Can you give me your facebook? I need code for my project.Tell me plsssssss.

Salem Dahmen says:

nice work! any tutorial on codes?

Bruno .Robbeets says:

nice work! pretty compleet alarm system

CK Wunch says:

There are some limitations to DIY alarm systems made from Raspberry pi's.
Firstly you have to understand what you are protecting, and what burglars are able to do to gain entry and defeat your systems.
You also need to know each and every fail point, and whether such a fail is a burglar or power outage etc or just a lost connection or even component fail (and fail they do quite often circa 5 years on average – not to mention updates required to update the system etc)

jakob searles says:

can you send us the code and schematic

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