Ring Alarm Home Security System (4K) Full Setup & Installation

Ring Alarm Home Security System (4K) Full Setup & Installation

Welcome to your safer, smarter home. Ring Alarm easily expands to fit your needs, on your terms. Simply plug in the Ring Base Station, connect your components and control it all with the keypad or from the Ring App. It’s easy to install and you can do it yourself. I’ll show you how…

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Hosted by Jeff Lepard

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jhlord 2 says:

Anyone could just cut the cable

L Dlink says:

Just bought one of these. In my opinion alarm could be better. First, it could be louder. Second, if someone breaks in, their goal will be to stop the siren with the goal of not having the neighbors tipped off, if the base station siren is not secured to the wall, in a difficult to reach spot, any thief will grab this thing and stick it in the refrigerator/freezer if they could not stomp it into submission.

Leonardo Braga says:

really good job , thanks

Zach says:

Hi Jeff Lepard. I heard that the Ring Alarm system has a 30 second delay to give you time to turn it off before the alarm sounds. But I've watched a couple videos now and none mentioned a mode where there is no delay and so the alarm sounds immediately. But I want it to sound immediately. Is there a setting for the alarm to sound immediately in the Ring Alarm system?

Brad says:

Installation went great with your step-by-step directions. Thanks a lot Jeff keep up the good work. You made it so easy for someone like me. Merry Christmas and happy new year my friend.

Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:

thumbs up , thanks Jeff.

sdbolts2121 says:

The only thing I didn't see on this was that the window and door sensors have a recharge location on one end of the sensor, so its helpful when installing them that you don't install them with the recharge port facing up towards the ceiling, that way it is easier to charge them from underneath the device. Other then that good video.

ebrahim602 says:

Can I use this system outside the USA?

Mdr3mino says:

Can this system give me a call or sms

Edwin Pagan says:

Clear instructions, good advice. Thanks.

Tomoko Abe says:

I just bought mine…it seems very easy. thank you. With ADT jacked up prices, I kissed them bye bye.

bill smith says:

I had a ring. About 2 and a half years of it sitting next to my front door it stopped working. Called ring tech support. They informed me it was no longer under warranty and informed me the solution was to purchase another one……yes, brilliant solution. Brilliant customer service. Like i said, i "had" a ring.

Brad says:

Thanks Jeff, I will be installing my this weekend.  I will go step, by step with your set-up.

Paul Hernandez says:

With the thumbnail, I thought it was going to be a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser commercial

Joel R G Gizmo says:

No disrespect but please adjust your focus on your camera before starting.

Chanda Lee says:

Great video

OrSJ says:

Thanks Jeff, very good video, no more ADT for me.

dtrek80 says:

Jeff- your video is very informative and very helpful for a person naive to security system. It would be very helpful if you could layout the placements of the each device or Areas where it would be most efficient to place those devices. Like where to place Range Extender, Base station and other units.

tritosac says:

Shouldn't you put sensors on all windows that can opened? Isn't it also wise to put motion detectors in more than one room where entrance is possible either by door or window?

Mario Antonio says:

Can you cut the power to the alarm and disconnect everything before it sounds off?

Mick Forster says:

Good video but looks like the shittest alarm system I've seen. I think most burglars would laugh at it. Who's going to respond to an alarm that's going off inside a house. It would be difficult to tell which house it's coming from. That siren would be ripped from the wall and dropped in the sink in no time. Bye bye 4k tv

Thomas Russell says:

Thanks Jeff, Your video tutorial is near perfect, Everything works perfect

Duca Family says:

I have the exact same samsung galaxy s9 android phone as this guy. I Also have A iPhone.

Armando Maldonado says:

Johnny Sins is showing me how install security systems now😅


Do u get video feed when the alarm goes off?

Samantha T says:

Could you lay the base unit on a table or surface? I rent so I can't use nails or screws

Abbas Trunkwala says:

What is the size of the base station screws and where to get that?

Brooke Saalmuller says:

They should actually called it
face station

Sarah Brown says:

How do you get where you get sponsors to do this

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