The Ultimate DIY Home Security System – ESP8266 (trigBoard) + 4G LTE Modem – PART 1 Intro & Hardware

The Ultimate DIY Home Security System – ESP8266 (trigBoard) + 4G LTE Modem – PART 1 Intro & Hardware

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Joshua says:

Cool to see you are using Particle IOT products. I think their stuff is fascinating and plan to incorporate it into some backcountry weather station projects.

Taran72 says:

Great Project! thank you for sharing.

99guspuppet says:

just think ….. expand to incorporate lorawan plus lorawan networks plus lorawan-cellular bridges

99guspuppet says:

brilliant and thanks for sharing

Reg the Veg says:

Water and fire sensors would be great. Fantastic job!

EkelundDK says:

This gave me a great idea, to add a speaker to my existing switch that alerts my phone when my front door is opened.

Andy Plater says:

exciting project Kevin!

Chris Muncy says:

Good morning Kevin. I love this project. My problem is I live in an apartment and I pay for 2 garages. Even though they are in the same building, I can't get 2.4GHz or 5GHz from my apartment to either garage. I would love to stream video from each garage in to my apartment but this might be a good short term solution. On a side note: for those that have Google Fi accounts, you can get free Data Only sim cards to put in the LTE boards for no additional cost on your Google Fi account.

Mike Hjorleifsson says:

Replacement for RIng would be AWESOME !!

kikmedown says:

I wanna build this right now

Belen Hedderich says:

Dear Kevin what other options for modem connectivity I might have as far as you know? I live in Venezuela

fwfire12 says:

It just keeps getting better. What will you think up next.

Paulo da Gra├ža says:

Cool stuff Kevin.
I will stay tuned onto this.
Great work.

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