Wyze Sense Review and Installation – Cheap Home Security – Only 20$

Wyze Sense Review and Installation – Cheap Home Security – Only 20$

We just got the Wyze Sense kit in the mail from Wyze and were so happy with how quickly and easily setup. We had the whole system up and running in under 6 minutes.
Check out the Wyze Sense kit here: https://www.wyze.com/wyze-sense/
Check out the other Wyze Camera products: https://amzn.to/2Lk5mqL
My wyze cam videos:
We stuck a wyze cam pan outside: https://youtu.be/rsmAiUGCz1Y
Video #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZFBecgvtQU&t=64s
Video #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NutYuHGfP9w

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Tuna Buna says:

Great video! How is the back sticky part still holding? If it were to fall due to weather or just wear and tear how would you reinforce it? Considering a few but not 100% solid on the sticky situation

James S. Garcia says:

If we are talking about the home security system, surveillance cameras, and smart locks, it will be all different purchases and management will be from different applications. But now they have developed very advanced and easy-to-use applications. Suppose I have a wireless home system at home, if you are interested, you can go to the Kangaroo website, yes it is a direct sales site, but also there is detailed information and consultants who will help you with your protection.

KMAN 4TheWin says:

these contacts are garbage after about 5 days of use..Loss of connectivity and never connects again

Keslyn Nguyen says:

Can one cam be seen through two phones?

Bored With you says:

I was a video retrieval specialist for the FBI… I have retrieved thousands of video from various surveillance systems… This is a unbelievable system for the price.. I am very impressed at the ease of all the products.. Wyze please don’t start charging for a cloud service….. You will definitely bury the drop cam if you keep things going …👍

DoItYourselfDad says:

Check the other stuff we've reviewed from Wyze:
Check the other stuff we've reviewed from Wyze:
We stuck a wyze cam pan outside: https://youtu.be/rsmAiUGCz1Y
Wyze Bulbs, their newest product: https://youtu.be/5VRqNANWeoM​
Wyze Sense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb-BFybR_R8&t​

Elise Dalton says:

Hey! So practically and I guess I’m slow.. I have one camera, does that mean if I get the sensors, I still only need one camera? I have Simply Safe also but still trying to DIY mom my life lol also trying to not pick up feedback from my sons computers games and the kids rooms.. oye! 👍🤦‍♀️

Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV says:

That screen door is cool, got a link for it?

Rong Rina says:

wow! amazing review!

someguy604 says:

On your front screen door, the contact sensors don't seem to align perfectly, the bigger piece seems to be pushed back a little, has this been an issue for you so far?

Ryan M says:

based on your examples, these examples are weather proof?

djtoo7 says:

How do the little sensors get power?

Alexander says:

would you please show how they are powered?

What kind of wiring is needed? for the cameras


me999 says:

Ok, I see there an "RTSP" firmware. Can one install that, and then setup and configure these without ANY dependence on any Internet connection? No "accounts" on any "servers", just local network connectivity ONLY?

Alton Riggs says:

Wyze makes incredible things, hope they don't over reach.

Rosemsrie Wheeler says:

Wow… I'm so amazed how easy and simple to let know how this items work. I need to buy this item for my place. This is my first time watching your program. I can wait to see more…

Poof says:

Can I at least watch the video first before you put on the pressure to subscribe and thumbs up, what if your videos is trash come on let the viewer decide without your needless upfront directions

San b says:

1000+ unread messages in my phone

bersh dj says:

mine goes offline everyday and i had to reboot the unit everyday …. only me ? bad unit ?

mikemart59 says:

I wish everyone would stop saying it cost $20, it doesn't.

M James says:

Isnt the magnet "sensor" just a reed switch?

M James says:

Why not have an all white camera and all white sensor for white surfaces.. same for black surfaces

Will Dwyer says:

That screen door wouldn't last one winter in Michigan.

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