Affordable DIY Solid Wood Blacksmith Cupboards – Sauna House Build #8

Affordable DIY Solid Wood Blacksmith Cupboards – Sauna House Build #8

Our tiny home / sauna project needed a small kitchen so we headed down to the wood shop and bought 8 prefabricated pine panels so I could cut out the parts and build cupboards for the kitchen area. This kitchen has a built in air vent / hood in the left hand cupboard for the stand alone electric stove. It also features a small under counter refrigerator which should be enough for the two of us. Unfortunately it has no sink but we’re planning on using the water system / shower room as a part of our kitchen so running water is also no problem. It has quite a lot of storage space for dishes, cutlery, pots & pans and also for cookbooks. All in all it was an interesting build and the result is quite satisfying. It looks kinda rustic with its blacksmith hardware but it’s brand new. I hope you like this project as much as we do. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you already haven’t and tune in for future projects!
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Peter Fitzpatrick says:

…….. & not a Kreg jig in sight !! 😂😂😂😂
Nice saw control… but a guide is ultra-simple to make !! 😎
Also " french cleat " is great system for hangin cabs, particularly if alone… 🤗

baka baka says:

Not bad fo a new job. with limited tools.

Omar Bowenhhmpiiuynbvcxiuubnghn says:

Very nice also inspirering can u give the measurement for each peace of wood use just for a guideline

DWORLD 2018 says:

Nice work! 👌✅🖤

Canal Coisa de LOUCO says:

Algo útil e sem frescura, muito bom!!!!

Odvi Webflower says:

Very nice job 👍

afendi ujud says:

Boikot Hindu

Job Laan says:

What a beautiful country you're living in

nisha026 says:

Hi there from Malaysia, these cabinets are just absolutely breathtaking and I want to make the ones in my home just like these. I was wondering if you might share the plans for these cabinets with me? I don't mind paying some for them too, please PM me. Thanks in advance.

Screw Driver says:

@DIY where can i get the hardware (equipments) to give it a shot?

Pablo Olmos says:

Exelente amigo.

Brien says:

You make me look bad, well actually I make me look bad. Great work! Very good cuts with a skill saw.

joframur says:

Brilliant. Old-fashioned, no-nonsense cabinets made with REAL wood. No annoying music; just the sound of REAL work. Brilliant.


Why do you suppose poeple dont like to build from solid woods any more. I dont see many any more it makes me sad.

dirtdiver5050 says:

Good job with just basic tools! You got a new subscriber 🍻

Chantal Alonso Peralta says:

Très beau tutos

ricg755 says:

Really like the design and the hardware, you did a damn good job.

Andrei Rînea says:

I really like it.

Andrei Rînea says:

good job! I was hoping for staining the wood and applying laquer..

Carlos Henrique says:

Parabéns pelo trabalho. GANHOU MAIS UM INSCRITO. Estou inciando com um canal de faça você mesmo, se puder da uma força lá, inscrevendo-se. Fiz um guarda roupas embutido com madeira reciclável.

maha ali says:

Good job and nice work


woow 💟💟

Andy says:

When gluing wood, I've always seen professionals apply the glue and then spread it evenly to cover the entire mating surface, usually using their finger or a brush.

Rok Podlogar says:

wow all those cuts by the eye, no guides. impressive.

benjamin castro says:

I wanna cry seing does great reasources…

Cyndi Comeaux says:

Gorgeous cabinets

Mehis Madissoo says:

A very wrong place for a guitar .

prancstaman says:

Awesome job!! Unfortunately that will be me in a couple years on my house, LOL. Only difference would be that I like cedar instead of pine, because of the red in it.

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