DIY Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store Kitchen farmhouse decor…

DIY Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store Kitchen farmhouse decor…

I couldn’t get everything that i needed for this project at only the dollar tree so i crossed over to the 99 cent store for a couple items… Stay tune for part two of my farmhouse kitchen decor! That upcoming project is 100 % Dollar Tree!!!! I can hardly wait to upload it…..

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Kristin M says:

I had to stop and comment. You had only gotten to the point in the video after you distressed the cutting board, and I was already impressed! Is there anything you can't do? You have such creative abilities! ❤ it!!

Regina Carter says:

wow a beautiful idea.

Angela Rice says:

That is adorable!! Such a neat idea!! Who knew a cheese grater turned upside down could give so many different uses! Great job Kelly!

Sundrops RN says:


Dorisann Cassady says:

I love this and will be making this! All I need is the cutting board as I have very old cheese grater and rolling pins etc. Can't wait till part 2.

Carrie Galindo says:

Awesome idea! I can't wait for part 2!!


thanks for your wonderful ideas Kelly, I need some ideas for my dinning room I bought 2 long mirrors at Walmart and I want to incorporate as a decor on my dinning room can you help me with any idea, will be helpful thank you so much in advance.

Teresa Branham says:

That's so cute Kelly, I love it!!! Tyfs

Melissa Taylor says:

Cute decor !!

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