Dollar Tree DIY Small Space Storage Solution | Repurposed Ideas for Home Organization

Dollar Tree DIY Small Space Storage Solution | Repurposed Ideas for Home Organization

Hey guys! So this project was inspired byall the awesome feedback I received on my Pantry Organization Video. I know a lot of you guys were not happy with either the $12 price point for my rack or you simply can’t find it. Also, I know a lot of you guys struggle with space issues. So I wanted to provide and affordable and any skill level solution for you guys begin getting your small space organized. I really do hope that you enjoy this video and as always, I appreciate you guys and thank you so much for watching!

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sandra work says:

Great idea.

Jeanette Baker says:

you are the bomb.. I live in a 2 bedroom manufactured home and looking for more space I also looking for bathroom organization

LolaAKALaura MOM!!! says:

Good ideas. Please subscribe to my channel too.

Sheila Farmer says:

great for my long silver spoons and ect i can take out of my 1 drawer yesssssss

Rosemary Brennan says:

Thank You for this video! We moved to a small house, that we rent, last year. I have been looking for something like this, an over the door organizer, since we're not allowed to put anything in walls or doors like nails. It's very easy to make and doesn't cost a lot.Thanks again.

Susan Hernandez says:

Genius! Love it!

Veronica Salas says:

I love this!

BAY-BAY 3 says:

NEW to ur channel…..I LOVE that But I have no door to put it on & I do need to free up some cabinet space in my kitchen, do u have any suggestions ? I do have a entry door but think it might look ugly .I would love to email u a pic of my kitchen !! And we could go from there just asking…

Linda G says:

Yes, very cute!! Good job (your kid is very cute too)!

Just Jesalynn says:

LOVE THIS…!! Ure amazeballs Paloma…!!

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