DIY Clean ‘n Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 3 (Update!)

DIY Clean ‘n Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 3 (Update!)

Check out the clean ‘n simple makeover we did to the landscaping around our barn house. We got rid of all the old, over grown bushes, grass, & lava rock and replaced it with 1″ clean rock gravel and some simple, low maintenance, modern plants.

This is Part 3 where I show you an update of how everything has grown in over the last 8 months or so. I also show you a couple of things we redid and give some info on where I got some of the landscaping materials that a few people have been asking about.

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 1:

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 2:

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 3 (Update!):

Build a Low Cost Cable Railing:

Installing Metal Siding on a House:

Build a Clean & Simple Porch Roof:

Our New Concrete Driveway Installation:

DIY Low Ground Level Wood Deck Build:

Easy Homemade Wood Stain (Iron Acetate):

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Adnil Mahgib says:

Awesome Job!!!

Regine Sales says:

Will try to check out our house and will do this.

Megan McCrory says:

This is gorgeous and goals.

TheStrawberryAnia says:

Thank you for the update. Looks great!

Alexis H. says:

Dude, this 3 part video was such a good tutorial. We just bought a house and are highly considering doing gravel landscaping in the front because it's low maintenance.

Cynthia Brown-Vickers says:

You still need to water! NO plant is maintenance free. Great job.

Losttouchjs says:

Like what you did with the Pink Flamingos! It’s normally one of those things that is laugh at, but when they’re all together it looks pretty cool!

Blanche Boyajian says:

I liked how you explained and showed everything you did. Looks very nice.

TheGomezIndustries says:

Those flamingos will work great with a BB Gun.

Suzy Q says:

it's my opinion but, I would of done that side step the same deck wood on top, instead of the 2 pavers.

Alisha Dean says:

What size concrete steps did you put in? How is it with mowing and around there with the liner and rocks nearby?

Ircar47 says:

Don't worry about "helicopters" from oak… just make solutions that prevent weeds grow …its also can be homemade solution . Look Great !

jenn Phillips says:

Loves this three part video!!! Looks great!!

Lynda Villarreal says:

I love the flamingos and the bird!

hill man says:

That flamingo part. Lol. Cool

Brenda Vessels says:

yes I would like to know more about your house

Geri Kinnaman says:

Try hostas. They like shade & fill spaces with growth. They come in many shades & leaf shapes. Easy and maintenance free. Just a suggestion.

Christopher E. Taylor says:

I don't usually comment on YouTube vids, but I am impressed. I just recently started doing a little landscaping around my home. You did some things similar to what I was planning on doing. Looks great and it was a great motivator for me to get moving. Thanks.

Love & Peace says:

love it , is beautiful.

grimreaper559 x says:

still looks great have u noticed any weeds growing in the gravel ?

FIBBI Cartagean says:


Bernardo Romero says:

thank you is very helpfull

Ebony christine sohn says:

Hi what type of wood siding you using. We buying a house that we going for the modern look. We are up north NY/Nj . Great job!

DR Jackson says:

the metal bird looks great there.


Loving this man. I need to so something similar to this with the house that I just bought. Im working on the lawn first and aesthetics possibly next spring/summer.

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