5 Most Regretted Motorcycle Modifications and Accessories

5 Most Regretted Motorcycle Modifications and Accessories

You might think that any modification or accessory that you buy for your bike will be as awesome as you expected however that is not always the case. So these are my top 5 regretted motorbike modifications or accessories.
1) Handlebar Grips
2) White Tyre Lettering
3) GP Shifting
4) Tank Protector
5) Long Key Ring

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Chaos Causes says:

After getting strong arguments to ride in GP Shift I decided to give it another try: https://goo.gl/W2w9DX

My Reality says:

I have a key on a tiny ring with a quick release connector so I can attach it to my other keys. None of it touches the bike. If you are unsure if you will like tire lettering you can use a piece of white chalk and see how you like it. Chalk washes off easy. I did this a week ago and its still there. There are bound to be more permanent ways of painting the letters.

Unknown says:

Got an Alpha Industries Key Ring "Remove Before Flight" it got stolen without the key well I don't know why these are so popular

E. Nieminen says:

Your hat is too big

Joshua Luukku says:

top 5 1.making the back tire go so mutch behind that you cant do wheelies easily 2.buying a exhaust that has so big performance peak that you wheelie it by accident in normal driving(2stroke) 3.you buy a cool graphics and then after couple of months you dont like it anymore 4. you buy too big sylinder for your bottomend and also even have too mutch space in the detonation area 5. you buy little mirrors that dont do shit

TheCbrdriver says:

Gp shift feels more natural anyway I wanna go fast I kick it down especially with a quick shifter……. Learn to ride grow up stop talking shit

Jean-Marc Cairns says:

Also don't buy aftermarket mirrors, mine fell off (the mirror part) at 9000 rpm when I pulled off in full throttle. Luckily I caught it before they fell and there weren't any cars behind me.

Jean-Marc Cairns says:

I put grippy and wider tyres on my 200cc, and increased the power with a few other stuff, which destroyed my gears. Leaving me with only first😅

westwater73 says:

Red spoke wraps that turned pink after a few months.

Shaun Elliott says:

These arn't really mods are they, the likes of a key ring, it's not even on the bike. Race grips, they are there to do a job, not look good. Tyre lettering, if you white the letters spray a bit of clear coat over the top, this will make it last longer, same with painted surfaces. As for gear changing, that's upto you, and only you, if it suits you, then fine, if not, then fine again. As for the tank pannel, get one of those stiky pads fom mobile phones that gos in your car, no scratches, and your tank is still standard with no horrible shite stuck to it. If you do want to mod your bike, then go for proper mods like wheels, tyres, shocks, breaks, injectors or exhaust.

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